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Just back from Munich show.: The Heddphone, new Air motion transformer headphone

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by Tekunda, May 13, 2019.
  1. Tekunda
    I am just back from the Munich high end show.
    I went there mostly for TOTL headphones and high end headphone amplification.
    I will give you a synopsis of my impressions in a few days, today though I want to share my findings of a new headphone I discovered there, which is driven by a so-called ATM or Air Motion Transformer.


    According to the developer the price will be well below €2000.

    The sound quality of this hand-built prototype was already so impressive that, IMHO, this headphone could compete easily with other, well known TOTL headphones.
    I was so impressed by it, that a planned upgrade (initially I had planned to upgrade to the new Abyss 1266 TC) will have to wait until autumn, when the official release of the headphone will be.
    Air Motion Transformers are ultra fast, high resolution drivers and you could clearly hear this. Some people might say that ATM drivers are lacking in base quality, I did not notice any weakness in base sound quality.
    Like I said, any planned headphone purchase will be delayed until the release of this hp, because an audiophile dream for well below €2000 could be in the making with this headphone.
  2. BreadMaster
    Hehehe, looks like manufacturers are turning towards ribbon and AMT tech now.. :D
  3. Tekunda
    I was pretty impressed by the sound of it, although it was a hand-built prototype, so you naturally can't say too much, how the commercially available units will eventually sound.
    But the estimated sale price of "well below" €2000 seems very attractive, with other TOTL manufacturers prices going through the roof, don't you think so?
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  4. BreadMaster
    Hell yeah! We need more giant killers to bring those insane headphone prices down. looking at you fang. :rolling_eyes:
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  5. Thenewguy007
    Well below €2000? So basically €1990.
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  6. tunes
    When will these be available for purchase?
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  7. Tekunda
    They say in about three months time.
    So it's maybe better to lay off any planned headphone purchase until then.
    I was planning to buy a Final Audio D8000 but now I certainly will wait. Maybe I will get a similar sound quality for almost half the price?
  8. yates7592
    How was the soundstage width and depth?
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