Just about the Grado 325i
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you have a 300+ sound card being powered by a sub 100 no name brand psu? I dont think thats such a good idea.

SmartPower = Antec, one of the biggest names in PSUs
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but yea im using my grado sr 325i on my audigy z 4 pro sound card, it has a number of effects in the EAX 4.0 advanced hd, i dont even have to treble or bass boost and the Grados are really sharp on the highs, and i can hear every instrument played clearly, i wondering if the grados do sond like this though
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How much time do you have on you 325i?
Burn in can help.
Get a warm amp, tube amp doesn't always equal to warm, be careful on that.

If you use your computer as a transport, you can get a NOS dac which supposed to have a rounder sound sig.
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If the highs are really bothering you, you could always EQ the offending frequencies down a little.
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I bought a pair of 325i's about three weeks ago, and have listened to them direct from a Sony DVP-S7000 DVD/CD player, and through a Millett Maxed tube headphone amp. They are great sounding headphones, with a nice balance. I don't find the highs to be overpowering or shrill, and the midrange is wonderful.
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Dont worry.....After awhile youll get used to the "Grado Sound" because as you continue to listen to it, the shrill highs will kill your ears ability to hear the highs and the sound will then even out and the sound will balance. Soon all other headphones ( ie. Sennheisers etc) will sound like they have a "veil" and the Grados will be the best in the world to you!

Im kidding (sort of)......but with the right combos,i love my Grados. For different reasons,i switch between my SR80,SR225,and IGrado.
But i also own other headphones that i use in rotation....but i seem to use my IGrado in portable use,and SR80 at home,the most of all the headphones i own that are listed in my profile.

If you dont like the 325i, then maybe try the SR225,as they are a bit warmer. Or, maybe try other pads on them.
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Turn down the volume a little. I would make adjustments in eq for now and maybe later get a SOHA or Millett max.


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Yep but i love the highs, i was just saying that the highs on the sr 325is were so strong it almost made my ears bleed

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x2. I'm using a warm SS amp and the SR325i's sound very good with it.

x3. Using the Bada PH-12 w/a suitable tube compliment, the highs on the 325i are detailed, extended and almost silky in their rendering--decidedly NOT ear-splitting.

If the 325i's highs hurt your ears, then (a) you are overly sensitive to high frequencies, (b) you listening at too much volume or (c) your source recording and/or player and/or amp and/or cables is/are the culprit(s).

Recently, I was amazed at how just a tube change made almost a "night-and-day" difference with the 325i. Like other high performance headphones, the 325i can be ruthlessly revealing of any weak link up the audio gear train. But, while in "good company" the 325i are one of the most satisfying listens around, at any price. : )

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