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JH Roxanne Impressions?

  1. IaHawkeye
    Jag87 was so very generous enough to give me his detailed impressions of the Roxanne's, but I am looking for some more opinions from those who have had the opportunity to also hear the Roxanne's....

    How do they stack up the the JH 16's? Is the difference in quality justify the $600 price difference? Is it roughly about the same size as the JH 16 shell.... And what about the cable? If the cable contains the adjustable base, does that mean you can't switch it out with a Twag cable or anything like that? Sorry been doing a lot of research on here the past few days and wanted some more impressions from people before taking the plunge one way or the other!

    Also, JH 16's + a amp for the price, or Roxanne's solo with a amp at a much later date?

    Thank you all for your input, I look foward to hearing from you! Thanks!
  2. IaHawkeye
    Also wondering which has (potentially) the most base?
  3. Mimouille
    There is a Roxanne thread? Why would you create a new one?

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