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Aug 18, 2015
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i have a chance to listen the aion with both sp2k ss and cu, the aion is better than the layla 1 i have, at least, it won't give me any blurred vocal, but it still required a dap with good driving power. i am no expert to write report, it is simply my personal comparison with my layla and other uiem. if i have to pay $3k for this, i won't, sorry to say that
sad that it has another propriety cable, jh might kill itself (my 2 cents)
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3C2C9C81-63DA-418D-8F16-A44ED05729FE.jpeg After try it....to be honest this is....unbelievable sound ...I don't mean in good way...

Even lower sound quality then layla ii
Only improvement is ear fit but for sound quality is not better then layla II..
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Anyone else gotten Layla AION in and have thoughts ?

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