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JH Audio Rosie Impressions Thread

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  1. seamon
    Earsonics S-EM9, CA Vega, CA Dorado, 64 Audio U12, tia forte(if you can afford)

    Don't bother with Andromeda for hip-hop/rap. Andromeda was never made for these genres. Andro has a thinnish bass and overall sound which will leave you desired for more for these 2 genres. Campfire Audio's co-flagships Dorado and Vega on the other hand.....
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  2. Psy974
    The 64 audio Tia Forte is not even in an affordable dream.
    you seems to have tested few Campfire IEM . Dorado and Vega ... so the Lyra should be in the same kind of rendering ?
  3. seamon
    If you are considering Lyra, I would suggest you pony up and directly buy either Dorado or Vega. It's not worth it to dabble in mid-fi at all. You'll just want to upgrade a few months later
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  4. Psy974
    Thank you for your help Seamon .
    i will take seriously a look about Rosie, Dorado/vega and Heir 10.0
  5. seamon
    I would consider Dorado and Vega to be at a higher tier than Rosie. Rosie is upper-mid tier. Dorado and Vega is true TOTL
  6. Psy974
    Looks like i will have to save quite a bit and turn myself to the Vega so
  7. seamon
    Campfire Audio provides the best bang for your buck in the industry. The Vega sound is compared to be quite similar to tia forte and that is 3x the price
  8. Psy974
    Well , the reviews i read about the different campfire IEM are agree with you .... i will take few minutes and try to find some about the Dorado and Vega since i haven't read them .
    Thank you for all your time and advises !
  9. koinmove
    Hi, i got my rosie and listen to it for few weeks with ipod tpuch gen5 n ibasso x80.
    I found out the vocal/mid is lay back... when listen with sony pha3 will bring back...

    Is the layback same as u guys or i got the defect item? Lol
  10. Aegruin
    Yes, Rosie is V-shaped.
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  11. seamon
    Can confirm. Rosie vocals are placed far back. 
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  12. NPWS
    yep, your hearing is good.
    if you want the vocal in front of you, choose angie
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  13. koinmove
    Guys, thank you and appreciate the replies.... i read many reviews as i can but no body mention about it....
    also mayb i misunderstand the reviews...
    trying to sell it because i prefer something like dt1770, dt880 or jh13, but i dont think it easy to sell in Malaysia [​IMG] 
  14. EarFun
    Can someone give a more detailled description of Rosies sound, especially compared to Angie?
    (Yes I read the thread top to bottom)
    It is kinda hard to find on the net, I am still not sure what exactly it is all about....
    What is fascinating about Rosie, what is unexpected for the money,what is the difference to Angie?
    Given that it is inspired by the JH13 and it is the same price  as the JH13v2 universal, 
    but still the little sister of the little sister of Layla, but with the same amount of driver as Angie (yes it is 8, I asked, their website is lying :wink: ).... .
    Please solve this mystery for me.
    And what is the resolving cabability compared with the new Etymotic or JH 13 v2 e.g.
  15. EarFun
    On their website it Rosie hs six.
    On Astell and Kerns Rosie has 8.
    So I conntcted them and asked.
    Rosie has 8 :wink: Theymixxed up their iofo on their site.
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