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JH Audio Rosie Impressions Thread

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  1. audionewbi
    I thought I make this as I feel Rosie will be big. 
    Credit goes to DAR Australia
    1. Custom-made Proprietary Balanced Armature Drivers (6BA per side)
    2. Powered by soundrIVe technology : Dual low, Dual Mid and Dual High balanced armature drivers per side
    3. Variable bass output, adjustable from cable : user controlled low frequency drivers with the adjustable bass (0 - +15dB). 
    4. Frequency ranges from flat bass response up to +15dB (10Hz to 100Hz)
    5. Integrated 4th Order crossover
    6. Triple Bore with Stainless Steel Tubing
    7. Noise Isolation -26dB
    8. Moon Audio IEM cable for 3.5mm unbalance and 2.5mm balance cable both are included in the package
    Official product page:http://www.astellnkern.com/
    It is placed at the cheapest JH/AK lineup. Sound is said to be similar to JH13 but the bass knob places it between Roxanne and Layla when it is all the way up.
    Price is 899 USD, 1399 AUD.
  2. aifell
    AK320+Rosie new "Budget" King over 380+Layla. LOL.
  3. Dionysus
    I'll have mine in a week or so, so I plan on leaving some impressions. This will be my first high end in ears and very much looking forward to having them.
    audionewbi likes this.
  4. ArrancarV
    Wow, Rosie sure has piqued my interest! Here it states that the 2.5mm balance cable will be included. Can I use this directly to run balanced on Onkyo DP-X1?
  5. audionewbi
    yes it can be.
  6. natalieann
    Stellar IEM....... Smooth
  7. potatoe94
    More more more ! Give reviews '!!!
  8. aifell
    No full review on Rosie yet. Still struggling on choosing from Rosie or Angie(pre-owned). Can anyone compare these two model?
  9. tylerchris
    Subbed! Also really interested in the Rosies... Have been an over-ear guy for awhile (currently MrSpeakers Ether C), but looking for a great "mid-range" IEM to be able to use on the go. Am really interested in the Rosie, or potentially the Angie, especially if there's no difference between Angie and Angie II other than new metal jacket and the new cable.
  10. potatoe94
    Canjam 2016
  11. kimD

    Please feedback after you back from CanJam SG.

  12. potatoe94
    feedbacked in the Siren series thread 
  13. potatoe94
    No one found love for the rosies ?
  14. Jimmy6
    listening to the Rosie reminds me what iems were all about. It's got that magic sound that reminded me how good it felt hearing high end universals for the first time.

    Comparing it to my V6 stages, the soundstage is a lot wider and the presentation is coherent. Excellent detail retrieval, as in its just enough but not enough to make them analytical.

    Very musical and engaging. I feel the sound is mostly neutral with the mids in line with the rest of the sound sig, not forward but not recessed either. I like vocals and it doesn't fail in that area.

    The ability to adjust bass makes a significant difference to the song suited to the genre. And it doesn't wash out the mids unless you push it to max, but with certain genres, it's all about the bass!

    Fantastic value. I wish I had started my journey here.

    With the fit, I haven't had long listening sessions, but I can say it's not worse than other universal iems, probably sitting in the middle. I have issues with my left ear with all universals but that's just me in general.

    Compared to the old Roxannes I struggled with, this is a much better fit.

    Highly recommended.
    audionewbi likes this.
  15. EddieE
    I'm very, very tempted by these and was wondering new owners who had experience of IEMs I know well could offer some comparisons?
    For the last few years I have been happy with Sennheiser IE800 (their sound) but very frustrated by their cable - it's microphonics, the fact that you can only fix its microphonics by going over-ear at which point the cable chokes me a bit and so on. So when I lost them I decided not to get a new pair and look for something new.
    In the interim I picked up some Hifiman RE600 as a cheap short term placeholder and a long term set of spares/beaters for once I decided on the long term replacement. They're good, if not spectacular and frankly for the price I was quite surprised at how nice they sound. I think I made a good choice.
    So what I want to know of Rosie owners is how they compare largely to the IE800, but any impressions against the RE600 would be welcome too.
    I loved the mids-transparency of the IE800, the warm but tight bass, and the crystal clear imaging and better-than-average for an IEM soundstage. The treble had some issues, but was acceptable on the whole.
    How does the Rosie compare? 
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