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JH 16 pro dampened?

  1. rudiraith
    Just got my Roxanne UF. The sound blew me off, but it was better than my 4-years-old JH16pro custom in such a way that I suspect these to be stuffed by ear wax. This deterioration must have crept in over time, as I did not recognize it at all. Almost no treble, no staging. Has anyone here made such observations; should I send them in to Jerry Harvey for repair?
  2. goodvibes
    I never thought 16s lacked highs but that the bass overwhelmed the other ranges. Are you sure they aren't stuffed with ear wax? I've found that if theres something further down that what a tip cleaner can reach, the eye side of a thin sewing needle to come in handy. Also handy if they're clear enough to see the bore path. After having my 13s, I'm very glad that the tips are transparent enough to see what's going on.
  3. rudiraith
    Indeed I´m almost sure that ear wax stuffed down the tubes must be the reason, as I´ve never heard of wear of JH earphones. By the way: both sides sound equally stuffed.
  4. Ivabign

    That's definitely a possibility - when I have cleaned the bores on my CIEMs - there is usually an equal amount of debris in each phone - make sure you hold them upside down over a light (I use copy paper) surface so you can confirm wax is exiting the CIEM....
    EDIT: - BA drivers are extremely durable - in hearing aids they are used all day every day and last for years.... just keep them dry.
  5. Kunlun
    The acoustic filters used in BA based earphones are Very Susceptible to moisture and earwax, changing the sound over time without the person even knowing they are getting less.
    It's likely even Jude himself had this happen as he reported that the new Westone es50 he heard sounded better than his old Westone es5 set, only for it later to be revealed that the new es50 had only cosmetic differences from the es5. The acoustic filters are probably the culprit and it can happen to anyone.
    Edit: Pro-musicians will often have their set of CIEMs serviced before the tour season, this includes replacing the acoustic filters. Audiophiles might not need to do that as often, but it's better than buying a whole new set!
  6. goodvibes
    I think when moisture is involved, it that it a makes residue (dirt) adhere and/or transfer to the filter material more easily. I believe the filters themselves are water(and more) resistant. I prefer if the filters are set pretty deep and after a bend.

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