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Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by imackler, May 28, 2015.
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  1. Tummarellox
    Finally arrived! Still testing it, just a quick question: when I switch it on and off I head a couple of "clicks" inside the Element, is that normal?
  2. canthearyou
    Yes. Those are power relays.
  3. Mark Stamper
    I can't post in the for sale threads yet as I am a new member.....

    FOR SALE: Element EL DAC and EL AMP, 1 month old, retail $530.00 I want $400 plus shipping. I went with Schiit instead. They brand new and in excellent condition.
  4. Asset0031
    So how is the Element for use with Swan M50W desktop speakers and I also have Hifiman HE-400i. My current dac/amp is Schiit Fulla 2. But I want something with more power.
  5. loki993
    Anyone use the Element as an amp only? Does it sound better with a different DAC? Anyone using it with a modi..or especially even modi multibit?
  6. beercanchicken
    I'm considering buying an EL Amp because I prefer separates and it will give me DAC flexibility down the line...I only wish the knob could control speaker volume.
  7. loki993
    Mines an original from before you could switch the line output so it can only run as a dac and amp or amp only.

    That said with the price of the el amp vs the price of the complete Element I don't see why someone wouldn't just pay an extra 20 bucks and get the full Element b stock just to have the dac if you ever needed it.
  8. beercanchicken
    Yeah, the pricing is way off, IMO.
  9. loki993
    Either way I dont really like mine, I was going to see if a different DAC would help, but Im eventually just going to sell it.
  10. Oscar-HiFi
    What is it you don't like about it?
  11. loki993
    It's almost too neutral, too clinical and it's not as resolving as i'd like it to be. I mean it will put out a ton of power and drive anything I have to ear bleeding levels but to me it's just sort of boring otherwise.
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  12. Oscar-HiFi
    Yeah that's what they market it as, a neutral but powerful headphone amp, and for that it is brilliant :)
  13. loki993
    And that's what I thought I wanted until I actually heard it and realized I didn't really like it. But hey that's what makes this fun..we don't all have to like the same things :)
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  14. MatthewK
    I'm currently using a 6-foot USB cable with my Element. I don't notice any dropouts or anything like that. However, I'm curious to know if using a 3-foot cable would deliver slightly more power to the DAC resulting in a possible slight (perhaps even unnoticeable) improvement of some sort? As I understand it the Element's DAC is receiving power from the USB cable, and the amp is receiving power from the power cable.

    Also, I love my Element! Thank you JDS!!
  15. ostewart
    I don't think it works like that... If the DAC isn't getting enough signal it just won't work rather than degrade in sound quality.

    So you won't hear a difference in my opinion.
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