JDS Labs Announces 2 New DACS, 1 Amp, 1 Preamp!

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  1. theotherjude
    JDS Labs, leading US designer and manufacturer of high-performance headphone amplifiers and DACs, is proud to reveal 4 new products today.
    After receiving high praise from the audio and design communities for The Element, JDS Labs is expanding your options with EL DAC and EL AMP. We’ve collected thoughts from customers and a 20+ member Head-Fi Beta Test team
    (thanks guys!) to further our mission of enabling exceptional listening. These releases are the fruits of your feedback.
    EL DAC adopts the form factor of the original Element and expands connectivity to suit any audio system: headphones, gaming, home theater, or speaker setups. Fully self powered, its AK4490 receives up to 24/192k PCM via optical or transformer isolated coaxial S/PDIF, or up to 32/384k via USB Audio Class 2. EL DAC continues its predecessor’s unique mechanics with a touch sensitive light ring, putting all control front and center.
    279 USD
    Ships by December 16th
    EL AMP is exactly that--we stripped The Element of its USB DAC and left the rest. Enjoy this powerful amp (1.5W @ 32 ohms) and use its RCA line-outputs to pass your source to another system.
    279 USD
    Ships by December 16th
    Objective Line began with an open source amp designed by NwAvGuy. After years of feedback, JDS Labs is progressing the series upon the same technical philosophy and design spirit. OL DAC, OL Switcher, and Objective2 come together to form a versatile audio solution with fundamental value.
    OL DAC is a fantastic companion to Objective2, home theatre setups, powered speakers, and gaming systems. Derived from its larger Element Line brother, OL DAC is also 100% self powered. Its AK4490 accepts the essentials: optical and USB Audio Class 1 inputs (
    required). We wanted to give the community a DAC that delivers, with a footprint small enough to set and forget; one that reflects the Objective Line’s value.
    139 USD
    Ships Today
    OL SWITCHER is the solution to your input/output woes, enabling you to route your audio where needed, without fumbling with cables. OL Switcher is a 2 input, 2 output, passively attenuating preamp. Like OL DAC, all controls are front mounted. Connect a DAC, connect a DAP, connect a headphone amp, and your speaker system.
    45 USD
    Ships Today
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  2. Niyologist
    That tour was fun. Glad to be part of the team.
  3. BloodyPenguin Contributor
    It was very cool to be part of this tour.
    A little sample of my Beta Testing Setup:
  4. Dillan
    The amp is probably just a little too weak for a beast like the LCD4 right?
  5. DivineCurrent
    It has been a pleasure being part of the beta team so far, and glad to see our feedback helped! Also, I love the improved look of the EL DAC!
  6. meringo
    I too enjoyed the tour. The El DAC's final form looks great (as do the others.) I just placed an order for the OL DAC to compliment my JDS O2 Amp. Can't wait!
  7. Lapper
    Well done, gentlemen. It was an honor to be a part of the tour and the booth team this year. JDS makes the best stuff!
  8. ProfFalkin
    My work monitors suck.   All I see are black square things on black background, can't see any detail.  =(
  9. mindbomb
    what is the spdif receiver used in the new dacs?
  10. Silent Xaxal
    That DAC is just screaming to me "PAIR ME WITH TUBE".
  11. akg fanboy
    We just got ourselves a modi 2 uber competitor with the same 4490 dac and similar price [​IMG]
  12. grizzlybeast
  13. mysticstryk

    The new OL dac compared favorably against the Modi 2 Uber in my testing. Similar tonal signature. Should make for a great recommendation to people on a budget. (and it's in black!)
  14. Clashe
    How does this DAC compare to to the original Element's?
  15. akg fanboy
    Cool! I will get either this or the modi multibit when I get a pair of speakers
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