Isolation issues rule out IE8, What's next?
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Nov 30, 2007
Is there anything close to IE8 (which i'm reading are almost 'complete'), but with better isolation 'as is' (meaning, i don't want to perform any tip mods)?

I am currently using PFE (black filters) + Fiio E5. They give me sufficent isolation, but upgraditis has kicked in. I want to buy the Senns but i'm afraid living in a noisy city isn't going to allow that... plus i like to pretend to be "fully involved" and dance off in my own little world.

I like the pfes but want to try this wider soundstage and better bass. I don't want overwhelming bass though. Just an accurate 'punch', which is the reason why i bought the e5. I adore mids as well. Like details/clarity

So pretty much... what's the next best 'complete' thing to the IE8.

Budget: Less than $300. Whether new or used.

Genres...bit of everything, with R&B, Neosoul dominant.
Paired with an Ipod Touch i plan to buy soon
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...or you could try the JVC FX-500 for half of your budget, but UM3X is the next most
"complete" IEM.
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Probably UM3X

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FX500's isolate about the same as the IE8's. IE... not that great. But the sound is better.....

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