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Il Mostro
Nov 15, 2001
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Man about town.

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    Man about town.
    Tennis. Travel. Cars. Guns. Knives. Food & Wine. IPA. And, MUSIC!
    Other Audio Equipment:
    Martin Logan CLS on Arcici stands; Kingergetic SW800 subs (Gale Sanders own gift/review pair from Tony DiChiro); Oracle MkIII (with the *very* last of Brooks Berdan's upgrades to both table and arm); SME IV arm; Benz H2 wood body cartridge; Audible Illusions Modulus 3 w/variety of NOS and 70's Russian Mil stock tubes; Resolution Audio Cesium transport; dual Resolution Audio Quatum DAC's (all balanced); Mesa Baron (driving CLS in two-thirds pentode, one-third triode) 4 Bugle Boy 12AX7's, 12 matched Svetlana (brown base) EL34's; Kinergertics KBA75 Class A (driving SW800's); Stax 404 Signatures/SRM 006t; Partial IC list: Audioquest Emerald, AQ Lapis (original copper); AQ Lapis (silver) Monarchy Audio; Sub speaker cable: AQ Midnight; ML CLS speaker cable: Analysis Plus Oval 9. That's the main dish, more or less.
    I am alive and well, despite persistent rumors to the contrary.


    NEW STUFF-HE-500; DT1350; D7000; HP P-1; Meier Concerto.  LOS VETERANOS-PHONES: Stax 404 Signature; Beyer DT880 '03; Grado RS-2; AKG 702; Senn HD600&HD25; AH D1001; ATH M50 & ESW9; MDR7506; W4RC/UM3X; ER4S; HF5; UE700; SE215. AMPS: SRM006t; CI Audio VHP-1/ VAC-1; Cyber 20; HeadRoom Cosmic; SR71-A; JAVS Overture DAC-1; Basso D10, Hot Audio Bit Perfect; NuForce uDAC; TAH; Neco;
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