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Is the sound of Em2pro "warm" or "cold" ?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by talfy, Aug 31, 2007.
  1. talfy
    Is the sound of Earsonics Em2pro "warm" or "cold", If compared to Sensaphonics 2x-s ? [​IMG]

    thx very much
    (i am just a newbie in earphone world, and found my ue sf3 quite neutral")
  2. jinx20001
    in that case pretty warm not too bad tho
  3. talfy
    You 've heard both, so you know em2pro is pretty warm ?
  4. Wildsurfer
    em2 pro and em3 pro are known to be warm. They were designed for musicians, so low and high frequencies are bit more forward. But of course that's not too much, let's say just enough to be fun.
    If you're looking for something neutral, I think nothing beats the em2 ifi.
  5. donmatt777
    does UE10 beat um2 ifi for neutral?
  6. pez
    I have a wierd but on topic question...why don't we hear about the sensaphonics so much if their such a good IEM/Custom?

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