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is the ipod classic the ipod of audiophiles?

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by bcasey25raptor, Jan 4, 2011.
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  1. scannon18
    I heard that the Classic forms a high-pass filter with low impedance headphones.  I noticed that the bass was always less impactful through my Klipsch S4s (16 ohms) out of the Classic than out of my Touch.
    Maybe this is responsible for the difference in SQ everyone is noticing, as opposed to the DAC.  I'll try to find a link to where I found that information.
  2. HeatFan12 Contributor
    Well, if I had to choose, I would pick the 5.5G video (Rockboxed).  There are just so many different options, that it would be tough to choose nevertheless.
    For the complete package and versatility, so to speak, I still like the 5.5G.  Some of us are strictly iem users, some are full-sized cans, some are both.  I find the 5.5G can accomodate my various needs (full-size headphones, IEMs, vehicle, powered speakers, no iTunes etc...)  I feel it is a wonderful source with the line-out and RBs many options and can be used in many ways...
    On the go or at home it is a great option...
    I'm rockin' a 5.5G with the WA2 (pre-amp) to my A5 speakers atm...Sweeeet!!!!!
  3. Spyro
    I find my 7th gen 160GB Classic @ 256 AAC to sound better than all my CD player sources with original cd material.  It's a fine player!
  4. rataplan
    re: my previous posts... after much deliberation i've decided to stick with my 80 gig 6th gen classic and upgrade my home rig with a NuForce Icon HDP instead. thanks for the info everyone, you've been of great help as always.
  5. tolkencatholic
    I love my 5.5 Gen 240 GB iMod with ALAC!
    Awesome player [​IMG]
  6. cooperpwc
    What's not to love? That's a fantastic player indeed. :)
  7. Trillian
    Would the iMod/iPod Video 5.5g be considered audiophile standard compared to other players?
  8. scannon18


    Yes, at least to me.  But I've never heard it, so I don't empirically understand it to be an audiophile player, I only assume it because of the components compared to the components of other players
  9. estreeter


    FWIR, particularly Vinnie's marketing material, the iMod absolutely is an audiophile-grade source. Not sure why you are lumping the 5.5G iPod video with it - once modded, the iMod is a different animal - bit of a Frankenstein, really.
  10. Trillian


    how would it compare to the HM601?
  11. rataplan
    i'm worried that if i get 5th gen it'll die on me, what with being at least 3 years old... as most of us have realized at some point, most ipods crap out after a while
  12. scannon18


    I think that's a valid concern. 
  13. justanut

    Get Redwine Audio to replace your hard drive and battery pack when turning it into an iMod if you're worried.. I recently replaced my battery myself on the 5.5g.. Easy. Hard disk shouldn't spoil that fast unless you've been rewriting your collection daily..?
  14. Dobrescu George
    ok... there cannot be found any more ipods 5.5, right?... i mean, the newer ones, do not sound the same good, right?.....
  15. macrocheesium
    The Video isn't manufactured any more AFAIK, but it's easy to get a used one.
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