Is my HD650 dying?
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Oct 14, 2005
Hey all,

My setup (Darkvoice 336 + HD650) just went haywire and is producing just noise. The volume on the amplifier has no effect on the noise and if I am, somehow, able to make the noise go the sound is completely distorted. Its a lot like listening to a highly compressed MP3, everything is 'watered down'?

Are the tubes on my Darkvoice dying or has my HD650 developed a fault? Unfortunately, I don't have any 1/4 to 1/8 adapters to check this, otherwise I'd plug the headphone into my computer directly.

Please advise.
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I've made some measurments. I detached the end of the wire going into one of the earpieces and made measured some voltages.

If there is no signal from the computer, the AC voltage hovers around 0.7 regardless of the volume.

If there is a signal from the computer, the voltage increases with volume but the noise is still present - the max it goes is upto 1.5V.

I definitely think its the amp.
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yeah, i'm at university and left my headphone adapter back home. Haven't got a spare set of tubes either. I've ordered an adapter, it should be here next week. Then ill get the tubes, if my headphones are fine.

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