Is hearing "damage" heal-able?
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Apr 25, 2013
Hello there.
It has been already a month since I noticed that I have a some sort of hearing issue. The interesting this is that I can only notice it when I am listening to a music using headphones / earphones, but I don't have any issues with hearing "real world", when someone speaks to me, everything is fine.
However when listening to music, I feel that sound is a bit shifted to the right side. Firstly I thought that my earphones are damaged, but I've tried ~10 different pairs of earphones / headphones, and the issue is still there. It is not getting any worse or better; for past two weeks, I have to have left side boosted by 5 "levels" on a 100 scale to get sound to the middle. 
I went to an audiologist a month ago and she gave me a phone number to an another audiologist who can measure my hearing; I had to make an appointment, however I have been incredible busy and I literary didn't have time to do so. I am convinced that I can carve some time this week, but I would like to know beforehand whether this issue can be healed or it is permanent. I can imagine that I have some sort of infection, however I am not sure how could it stay the same for 1 month, it is not getting any better or worse and I do not feel any pain whatsoever. I once had a similar problem, I do now know the English word for it - but when you are on an airplane (or generally change altitude), your hearing goes a bit numb, so I had this thing for a week in right ear and when I went to an audiologist, she told me that I had too much wax in right ear and she gave me pills. 
Any thoughts much appreciated. 
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May 18, 2011
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I am NOT a doctor. I have the same issue mine is stronger on the left BUT only certain frequencies.
However, this can be temporary, an ear infection, pressure exchange between ear and nose, etc. But the proper test with an audiologist will give you clarity if you have a deficiency in one ear. It's pretty common, so don't freak out. 
I also realised that some recordings are just tilted with certain instruments.
Put your headphones on the other way around Left earcup on right ear etc. Find out if the song is tilted or if it is really your ear.
The more you get annoyed by it, the more you will hear it, so if you just accept it, mostl likely you will forget about it soon and just enjoy the music.
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Jan 28, 2012
Due to my job I have some hearing loss and in my case it is much worse on the right and only at higher frequencies. Not very definitive but there are some free on-line hearing tests you can take, but the only real help is going to come from going to an Audiologist and getting tested. The technology is such that they can fix a lot (but not all) hearing problems now, so if you do have a problem there is a good chance they can at least help if not completely eliminate it. I need to go in and get tested again myself as I know it has gotten worse in the past couple years.

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