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is audiocube a trustable website?

  1. kaze-93
    recently i ordered an audio technia athpro700 gold headphone from them but they dont seem to reply to my emails. Also when i log in to my account the audio technia athpro700 gold headphone dissappears whereas when i did not log in , it is there and that worries me alot as this is my first time purchasing from this website.
    anybody happen to experience the same thing from me? Also i live in Singapore so i am unable to contact them...
  2. krmathis Contributor
    You mean AudioCubes?

    I have bought from them a couple of times. Received wrong product one time (wrong color), and they handled it beautifully.
    They have their own feedback thread, where it seems like others have good experience as well -> AudioCubes
  3. kaze-93
    yea is good feedback , however there are also those whose items seems to be in the processing period for quite some time now as well and damn audiocubes do have some fine headphone...so i really want to clarify my doubts haha... and that my orders do get shipped fast cause is for my friend's birthday
  4. chesebert
    I like their store in NYC. Never bought anything from there, but at least you know they are not going anywhere soon.
  5. LeftyGorilla
    It's a very real and solid place. Give them a call.
  6. Landis Contributor
    They have a pretty good reputation around here. Many of our members order high-end Stax and Audio-Technica pad replacements from Audiocubes II (same network).
  7. sanakaku
    I ordered my brother's ATH 700DG couple of weeks ago, arrived after 3 days. so far so good. 
  8. kaze-93
    YEAH, judging from all your comments i guess i will wait awhile more ... and i am unable to call them as i live in singapore lol.. But they seem to not reply my emails at all. Anybody know how to contact them other den calling? i send a pm to Kohn but he seems to be offline most of the time
  9. kaze-93
    Also sanakaku, regarding your order, did it took 3days for pending , processing and shipping??? 
  10. jjinh
    From all accounts they seem legit to me.
  11. krmathis Contributor
    Next time, take time to check if the company is trustable before you place your order!
  12. kaze-93
    yea an email from them , all my enquiries are cleared but anyway thanks alot for telling me your experience. Krmathis , yea i guess i was abit rash when i placed my order XD it was a cool product so XD haha
  13. boomana
    I have ordered four items from them, and got them all without problem.
  14. warubozu
    Dealt with Audiocube and Kohn on many ocassions and will agree that they are legit and offer solid customer service.
  15. ford2
    Ditto here,an excellent company to deal with.

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