Is anyone building the KGSSHV?
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Nice build Liligagger! Did you build it yourself! If yes, top marks for that, I was too scared I admit it.
I enclose my Headinclouds built KGSShv next to David's BHSE for idea of scale.
I always liked the volume pot in the middle, nice. We couldn't do that on my build as the Khozmo
would crash with the heatsinks on the PS board, so Geoff put it on the left side with an extension kit.
I agree, the KGSShv (off-board) is superb with the 009s. I heard it with the BHSE and it was as good in most
areas, they just had different characters i.e. KGSShv warmer (strangely for an SS design) and a bit more bass
impact, and the BHSE excelling in vocals and midrange. I could live with either amp IMO.
Wonder how good the Carbon amp coming via Kevin G will sound? Exciting to have a vibrant DIY community.
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Indeed I built both of those kgsshvs. Thanks for the compliments folks.
On a side note, right now I'm working on a kgst.

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Wonder how good the Carbon amp coming via Kevin G will sound? Exciting to have a vibrant DIY community.

That picture gives me vertigo.
I like that. Thanks for the names.
So it will be KGSSHV-CARBON edition  (very soon now)
and KGSSHV-CARBON-CIRCLOTRON edition  (the power supply scares me)
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will there be a circlotron with EL34's? 
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there is no reason that it could not be, but I'm working on the solid
state version first. The circuit would otherwise be identical. You
just have to add floating filaments. Which means 4 extra windings
on the transformers.
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isn't 40W a bit on the crazy side? 
is my last question a stupid one
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40W would be Gilmore's "Green" version if that were the all up instead of just the per stator power budget - now if he means 40 W * 4 ...
Gilmore's, some other's ES headphone amps already exceed 40 W total by 2x: +/-500 V * 10 mA * 4 = 40 W in just the output stages, some burn some more power in regulated supplies, as much again for vacuum tube filament heaters, some push Class A bias up to 15 mA
10 W per Q is no problem for those transistor's package - some PCB mount heat sinks could just do it but people like seeing fins on their boxes so off board heat sinks are fashionable
at least with the Circlotron you now get true push-pull Class A which ideally can push 2x the bias current into to the load - where most previous efforts have used CCS biased SE outputs per Stator
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So that is 20 watts per fet, 40 watts
And its at least 40 watts for the power supply per channel
since the power supply is at most 50% efficient plus the
rest of the power supplies, it is probably close to 90 watts
per channel.
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I am a newbie here considering building a KGSSHV for my DIY stat headphones - inspired by chinsettawong's DIY headphones thread. I have been a regular visitor to this forum for some time and have been thinking about making my own electrostatic set up for some years.  
I have to say I am in awe of the fantastic work going on here, fitting superlatives escape me. I know that what see here is as good as it gets. Marvelous stuff!
So, on to my humble requests...
I am looking for KGSSHV pcbs for amp and psu. Do you know of the whereabouts of any?
After looking over the parts list, very kindly supplied with Mouser part numbers, I cannot see the transformer or the spec for the transformer.  What transformer do I need and where would you recommend I get one from? 

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