Is $36 a good price for a used Sony XB500?
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where can i get them for 50$ flat with free shipping?  ive never seen them that low, and ive got 50$ to blow so i figure why not get them since i never had them
Edit:  Ah I see now, BH has it for 50 + shipping.  I forgot BH accepts paypal.  
I was torn between rebuying my hd485 or getting my own XB500 :\
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When I bought them about a month ago, I got them from Amazon for exactly $50, free shipping. Unfortunately the price has been slightly raised.
This will be the most interesting $50 you've ever spent for headphones.
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ive listened to them and reviewed them before but never owned them :wink:  Why do you say it will be interesting? lol
i made a big mistake, i placed an offer bid on ebay for them for 30$, they were set at 36$ so i figured it seemed like a good price :\  I asked for the seller to retract my offer bid but he doesnt really have to, so if he is a jerk than im up the creek lol
id much rather have a new set for 55 total from BHphoto
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Well, the entire Sony XB series lineup is interesting.
It's not everyday that you will here some of the bassiest headphones ever made. Plus, I honestly don't think there is another headphone manufacturer that makes ear pads any squishier than the ones on the XB series. So, with some of the most 'unique' sound you can buy, and the plushest pads you could ever find, it's no wonder these are a very 'interesting' purchase. Oh, and I'll toss in their 'spaghetti cord' as a part of their 'interesting' factor, just for fun.
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lol ya, its a line up i definitely skipped over, so im curious to see how long durations of listening will affect my outlook on them
also, the ebayer was in fact a jerk and is making me buy them used for 36 shipped
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Well, if they are in really good condition then I wouldn't complain for the price. You are still saving $20 over brand new, and that's pretty good.
In fact, I was about to buy the XB700 for $50 used here on Head-Fi. Too bad they sold way too quick, and I wasn't in 'purchase mode' at the time.
Aug 12, 2010 at 5:01 PM Post #9 of 12
got them today, they are mint and sound great
36$ shipped not bad since I got a 30 day warranty with it.   I really like them, im impressed by their stage.
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Source makes a large difference for these... I went and compared the displays at W-Mart and B-Buy a few months ago... the B-Buy amp sounds terrible, but at W-Mart the amp gave out a reasonable level of bass, emphasized by the XB headphone. What do you listen with? I would love to have a display model (not the chained ad type) to play with my Cowon S9 EQ settings.

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