Ipod classic - rockbox - its happening.
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You mean USB mode stops working in the Apple firmware? That isn't something that rockbox has any influence on. If it isn't working, you need to troubleshoot it.
No, iTunes technically can see it via USB, but it says that I need to recover and update the software every time.
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"No" meaning that USB mode works in the Apple firmware? If so, that sounds like a strange iTunes problem. It should not try to recover the iPod if it is working correctly.
In only apple firmware (i.e. Rockbox is not installed at all) it works perfectly, and I have no issues. Once I install rockbox, rockbox works fine, but iTunes no longer functions properly. It acts like the software is out of date, it won't show any songs in iTunes or on the iPod. The apple firmware on the iPod is just blank. Keep in mind, this is a 7th gen iPod.
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In only apple firmware (i.e. Rockbox is not installed at all) it works perfectly, and I have no issues. Once I install rockbox, rockbox works fine, but iTunes no longer functions properly. It acts like the software is out of date, it won't show any songs in iTunes or on the iPod. The apple firmware on the iPod is just blank. Keep in mind, this is a 7th gen iPod.

The problem occurs when you run Rockbox on the iPod, but not when you run the original firmware. It is because iTunes detects an iPod, but since the OF is not running, it is detected as an old device and tries to update and/or recover it.

The issue is documented in https://files.freemyipod.org/~user890104/bootloader-ipodclassic-v1_0/README.RockboxUtility.txt

It is a general Rockbox problem related to USB IDs, it is planed to be solved in future, but it is not trivial because it requires to assign unique USB IDs to all targets and modify the RockboxUtility.

As a workaround, do not launch iTunes when RB is running on the iPod, really it does not make sense.
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Can a virus be installed through an iPod with Rockbox?

Sorry, I don't mean to cross-post. I posted a more detailed message in the iPod SSD thread first, but thought I should make some mention of it here.

After the posts about the recent changes in Rockbox, I did some checking on the Rockbox code, I noticed an open "WIP" for DuckyScript plugin, which turns the iPod into a USB RubberDucky. A USB RubberDucky is a hack that exploits the blind faith of Plug and Play's trust in USB keyboards. Anybody can attach a payload to the script that will install whatever they want or make whatever system changes they want. I'm not sure why they're developing it, but there was another patch uploaded a couple of hours ago.

Makes me wonder about all of the used iPods I've purchased, and now I'm beginning to worry about all of the Rockbox versions and patches I've installed. There doesn't seem to be much in the way of defense or even detection.

What do we know about detecting malware on iPods or in Rockbox patches?

I'm aware this is an old post I'm quoting here, but I think it's important that this is said. I am the developer behind the DuckyScript plugin mentioned above. This plugin was never part of the official source code. It was (and still is) hosted on Gerrit, our patch tracker, to which anyone may send a patch. I think it's important to remember here that Rockbox isn't a company, or some secretive cabal in a room somewhere. It's an open project worked on by volunteer developers around the world, who give up their time (for free!) to work on the project. No work is ever "assigned" to anyone. The "reason" why I developed ducky is simple. I built it to fill a need. It's a tool, to automate repetitive tasks. What anyone does with it isn't my business.

I can say with near certainty that there is no malware in Rockbox, but don't take my word for it. Our source code is completely open to inspection. Anyone around the world may get their own copy of it, and build their own version of Rockbox from it. If you're concerned about security, please feel free to inspect it at your leisure.

Franklin Wei (__builtin)
Rockbox Team
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Hello fellow Rockboxers,

Just thought I'd mention that I've finally posted a new topic thread for the latest Version 5.0 of my illustrious EQ presets on my Rockboxed iPod Classic.

You can view the new thread at this link.

There's two sets: one with 611 EQ presets, and the other with 606. With all the bass boosts and everything combined in my portable headphone system, these can boost 40 Hz by up to 62 dB (and possibly more), while sounding crisp, clear, and detailed at the same time when choosing a suitable preset for the song that's playing.

I also posted a short new 4-minute video on Vimeo, announcing this latest version and showing some of the updated screen menus on my iPod:

(On the Vimeo page, click the tab under the video that says, "Read more," to view all the web links, etc. These links should be clickable.)

There's also my original 43-minute video, detailing my EQ presets and portable headphone system:

This video was made in June 2016 and showcases a previous version: Version 4.0.

Anyway, I had a great time on my visit to the U.S. last year (in June 2017) while attending Head-Fi's New York Spring Meetup. (Click here for photos of the event, and of the table where I showed off the dual-listening setup of my portable headphone system with Version 4.1.)

Everyone who had a chance to hear it was really impressed -- including Jude Mansilla!

Oh well,...have fun. :thumbsup:
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I have an iPod classic 6th generation (80gb version). I've upgraded to an iFlash quad.

I'm trying to use more than 128gb worth of memory with both dual boot default iPod OS and rockbox, does anyone know how I can do this?
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The installation instructions at https://files.freemyipod.org/~user890104/bootloader-ipodclassic.html have been updated to support installation on Linux and Mac. Also, there is a new version marked as stable (v1_0), and the prevous stable (v8) is marked as "legacy".

You can try to upgrade your bootloader to the stable one, and let me know if the Linux/Mac instructions are sufficient and correct.

If installed correctly, the iPod screen should show:
Rockbox boot loader
version 1.0

Just installed Rockbox using the Windows .exe on 7.5g ipod classic.

Did all but bootloader then bootloader after as per instructions (rev. ebaddc6). All completed okay but can't boot into rockbox

The rockbox utility says everything installed correctly - rockbox ebaddc6 and bootloader 2017-02-27 20:56:07. Howver, it's impossible to boot into Rockbox - it always goes straight to Apple logo then OF.

(Link to PDF and HTML manuals also broken).
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Fixed it by reinstalling bootloader over the top, for the record.

A couple of questions for iFlash SD card users:

  • Does using features that cause file system writes from within Rockbox also cause corruption e.g. deleting files through the browser, using last.fm support, etc.?
  • What is the best setting for spin down given that these aren't spinning platter disks?
  • Similarly, is it best to keep the database out of RAM especially given a large database as the flash memory is fast enough?
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I have Rockbox installed on my 160 GB 6th gen classic that is now upgraded with an iflash quad. Everything is working great after one battle test yesterday, but I cannot play my ipod in the car anymore. I enabled car adapter mode and looked up on how you should hold down a button while plugging it into the USB, but that still does not work. Any suggestions?

Also I installed some daily builds (Oct. 18 & Oct. 19) for the 6th gen iPod classic. Is it ok if I miss a few days or do I need to download them everyday? Just worried a new version may create a bug if I miss a couple of weeks and install it over an old build.

One last thing is my storage space. I'm using 4x 128GB microSD cards and they are the recommended type from the iFlash website. After the entire installation was complete I noticed that my unused space was only 478GB instead of 500GB? Where did 30GB of space go?
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Most of the iPod Classic bootloader installation links are no longer available. People are blindly installing outdated software, which contain bugs or unfinished features. I have left only the latest one at the moment of writing (v8) at the old location.

Since there are no instructions on installing the new bootloader available on the freemyipod site, I have started writing this page:


It will be the one-and-only guide to installing the bootloader. Please write a reply or send me a message if you think it can be improved.

Also, please do not hotlink to the installer - link to the page above instead. When a new version is avalable, I simply delete the old version from the server, and your links become broken. So be nice and link to the instructions, rather to the files itself.

Please note that installing emCORE as a bootloader for Rockbox is considered deprecated, and using the new bootloader instead is highly recommended. If your setup works fine, you are not required to switch/update, but it should not hurt.
I have seen your instructions although I am still not able to reformat my ipod 6th to FAT32 because I have a mac and no pc and because of that rockbox dont recognize my ipod. How to make rockbox recognize ipod 6th on a mac?

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