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iPhone X vs Samsung S8 sound: does Poweramp makes a difference?

  1. Duncan Moderator
    Having had until today the iPhone 7 Plus, and now having an 8 Plus, S8+ and Note 8 (Exynos versions) I prefer the Apple sound, it sounds more cohesive and richer than the Samsung offerings.

    YMMV, and there is no ultimate right answer, just preference.
  2. Death_Block
    Whats YMMV?
  3. TimeSnow
    You Make Me Voluminous
  4. alex2750
    Like others have said, the amp and DAC will make more of a difference than Poweramp vs Neutron vs another music player app. That said, the S8 has a feature that the iPhone doesn't - Adapt Sound. I have an S8 and the personalized sound is a major reason I love my phone so much.

    You can find it at Settings > Sounds and Vibrations > Sound Quality and Effects > Adapt Sound > Personalize Sound. You go through a quick listening test (whether or not you can hear certain sounds) and once it's done the S8 applies a custom audio profile to all audio on your phone (music and calls). Having a personalized EQ honestly made more of a difference in my opinion than switching from Google Play Music to Poweramp (which I have).

    I don't know if the iPhone has a setting like that but setting it up took 5 minutes and changed the way I listen to music on my phone.
  5. Wolfskie
    while i find that amusing, the abbreviation actually means 'your mileage may vary'
    Duncan likes this.
  6. Ryland Johnson

    (Thank you very much).

    Last edited: Nov 9, 2017
  7. Ryland Johnson
    Exactly. The world of sound is so subjective, has to be, no two sets of ears are the same.
    I also own the Note 8 and the iPhone 8 plus. Both superb devices. As a mobile phone I choose the Note 8 every day of the week and twice on Sunday's. In terms of music reproduction via my Oppo HA-2-SE the choice goes to the iPhone due to connection problems.

  8. Duncan Moderator
    Even though the same CPU and audio codec IC are used in both the 8 [Plus] and X, having both - I'm leaning that the X sounds slightly warmer...

    Probably in my head, but - there is nothing to stop Apple tweaking the EQ of the output slightly between models.
  9. _wednesday
    I'd like to agree with you - given the absence of specifications for the lightning port, this seems sensible.

    Have you seen the lightning to 3.5mm dongle? It's positively tiny and I'd wager there isn't nearly enough space in there for circuitry of any sort (which would presumably be the DAC).

    I think that the lightning port (maybe even USB-C) is actually able to output analog - and the lightning-to-3.5mm adapter is exactly that - just an adapter. The DAC is where you'd expect it to be - inside the iphone (or HTC U11, for USB-C!).
    I could be wrong of course. I'd sold my iphone 7 plus and use a Note 8 now so I'm not able to break open the adapter/dongle to make sure. Should be an enlightening exercise!

    Last edited: Nov 27, 2017
  10. Dulalala
    Your comment contradicts itself. DAC literally stands for Digital to Analog Convertor so if there was no DAC, there would be no analog output...

    This is a random example of a random DAC I searched on Mouser...


    If you look at the specification of the DAC chip itself, it's like 3mm by 3mm. That definitely leaves enough space for any sort of circuitry to fit in that tiny "adapter".

    Now granted this DAC would NOT be used for any high fidelity application (well I would hope not considering it's specifications...), my point is that DACs can come in a very small package.
    Last edited: Nov 27, 2017
  11. _wednesday
    Hmm. It does not.

    To clarify:
    1. I do not think there is a DAC in the adapter/dongle. It is simply an adapter which lets you attach your 3.5mm to the relevant pins (analog) in the lightning port.
    2. the DAC is still inside the phone. Not, as i said above, in the adapter/dongle.
    3. Both of these depend on whether my assumption is correct that the lightning port *is* able to output analog via some sort of pin combination.
  12. Niouke
  13. Dulalala
    I apologise, I misread your initial post.
    However, to clarify your misconception,

    1. There is a DAC in the adapter.
    2. While yes, there is a DAC in the phone, the lightning port does not have any analog out pins or what not and the internal DAC is only used for the speakers.
    3. Is answered by what is written above.
    Last edited: Nov 27, 2017
  14. _wednesday
    Ah. That settles it then, thank you. I was half-prepared to be wrong, but i must say im still astounded they managed to fit that in the dongle! :)
  15. Ryland Johnson
    The only thing that astounded me was that Apple didn't charge a 100.00€ for the adaptor. Any Apple accessories are always silly absurd prices with just this one exception.


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