iPhone X vs Samsung S8 sound: does Poweramp makes a difference?

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  1. ohenriquez
    Dear Members

    I am leaning towards the iPhone X but still wonder that Samsung S8+ may offer better sound due to the fact that it comes with a better Music player with Equalizer (such as Poweramp)
    I have found a noticeable difference between using the Apple stock player and the Poweramp on the Samsung 8
    Wonder if there is another Iphone equalizer (App) that can serve the same purpose of the android

    I find a significant difference between the iPhone 7 and my Galaxy S8 (Galaxy better sound)

    Thanks for your help
  2. cossix
    Software aside, it comes down to the quality of the phone amp and DAC. I haven't seen specs on either circuit so you'd have to do some research. Galaxy line is better anyway since Apple stopped caring about innovation after Jobs passed. Now the iPhone is just a shiny box with a decent processor but 2 year old features and proprietary everything
  3. Niouke
    I've never been able to experience a different sound with a different app, EQ and effects aside....

    The latest iphones don't include a DAC and let your bluetooth or thunderbolt peripherals do the decoding, while the galaxy can do the decondig itself if you use the jack or usb-C out. You are comparing apples with oranges right now.
  4. buke9
    Sorry but the iPhone 7 has a dongle for the lighting cable to 1/8" headphone connection so your information is not correct as it still has a dac and amp . Not sure about the X but I bet it does as well. They just got ride of the headphone jack but still ship with the Apple earbuds. You might want to check things before you make statements like that.
  5. Dulalala
    I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure the iPhone still has a DAC inside it. Just not a 3.5 mm out. Otherwise how would the speakers on the device work?
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  6. buke9
    I'm not wrong about the iPhone 7 Plus as my wife has one and it came with the Apple earbuds and a lightning to 1/8" connector so the other poster was very wrong.
  7. Dulalala
    Sorry if I wasn't clear. I'm not claiming you are wrong, I'm simply stating there is an internal DAC also.
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  8. buke9
    No just emphasizing your statement as I could be wrong as you are not.
  9. ohenriquez
    Well, I am referring to the stock music player (Apple Music) that I have found inferior to players like Poweramp
    I have tried same songs in iPhone 7 Plus (using Apple Music, Tidal or Spotify) vs same songs played on Samsung S8 or any other Android with decent DAC (HTC 10, LG V10, even Xiaomi Mi Mix) and all the androids sound better because of the Poweramp App that it seems to improve the end result. I had read that iPhone works with a similar App called Neutron. This noticeable difference is what it prevents me from using iPhone again as music is more important for me. I am not an expert on sound but I do appreciate it and have music with me all day (training, running, working)
    Thanks for your help.
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  10. Death_Block
    I use a galaxy and bought neutron. If you know how to get neutron to play from tidal downloaded files (offline mode) that would be awesome
  11. Niouke
    The dongle contains the DAC, that's why IEMs like 1more triples drivers are more expensive in their lightning version. The lightning port does not have an analog output. THere is a dac for the speaker but that is it. YOu might want to check things before you make statements like that.
  12. scrape_
    I know it's off topic, but why not look at the LG V30.
  13. TimeSnow
    LG is not available on plans everywhere. It's not in Ireland for example.
  14. buke9
    Yep you got me on that one. I keep forgetting how small things are getting. Snarky comment accepted and deserved.
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  15. Monsterzero
    Huge +1
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