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iPhone X sound quality

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by NYanakiev, Nov 7, 2017.
  1. goody
    wait till you hear the LG V20 or LG V30
  2. elfary
    I have already. It was no better. Because with iems it can not be better in this day and age.
  3. goody
    I disagree but each to his ears
  4. elfary
    If you could explain what is better ? harmonic distortion? noise floor? output impedance? intermodulation? Crosstalk?

    Aside from output power (which for iems is utterly unnecessary since 1 volt is more than enough) i don't know where the improvement lies.
  5. nort ycagel
    is there any way for the european version to use the 1 volt output?
  6. nevrsumr
    Just picked up an X coming from my 2015 nexus 6p. The only way I can describe SQ is as sounding more "amped". It just seems more in your face and louder. The mids and mid bass are more front and center. I don't mind the dongle. It is very sturdy in the case and the wire is very loose so I don't notice it at all. It gives the ie800s a bit more cord too which is nice.
  7. skwoodwiva
    To all, I got a great deal on one. I was not expecting this to be anyway near the the newer phones on the latest audiophile list here.

    I put iAudioGate on it and it is disappointing, only 48k out.
    My better LGs are better (I never had a hear of the V10, 20 or 30).

    All my music must go from adroid to Mega to iphone.:::;(

    My P7s gets enough juice to blow my head off. The buds are very inefficient barely loud enough, strange that is...

    Great phone but not for music. My LG Tribute & Aristo are way better.
    Not to mention the Moto Z now sorely missed, destroyed it was.
    I did have a very clear amp & horse power

    The iAudioGate is very buggy , so much so i will ask for a refund

    Edit, what an effing mess compared to better Andtoid phones

    I may buy a-cracked up Meizu 15 +

    1C298799-910C-44CA-B6EA-E2FC708BE216.png 63EB9E2B-1900-4DC1-8C30-1E54333EE5CF.png
    Last edited: May 25, 2018
  8. skwoodwiva
    I just want to say the speakerphones are fab
  9. skwoodwiva
    I have changed my mind after a month now. 0618181621.jpg

    The imaging at a foot from the speakerphones is amazing for a phone.
    If I had a subwoofer, :wink:
    I am buying the @phiemon app now.

    But I still the lack of output at DSD rates is noticeable, there is no "shine" on the vocal sibilances for example.

    So we seem to have a stunning redbook player at 48K.
    Last edited: Jun 18, 2018
  10. skwoodwiva
    Also who knows if ios12 may open up high rez and then it is all a matter of 3rd party DACs to bring about maybe the best sounding phone ever.

    As is , it is more pleasant to use the x for all redbook sources, by far. It is as clean and uncolored as anything I have heard.

    The dynamics are stunning on my P7.

    I tried all the player apps only Golden Ear is any good for playing my own rips but no ape files on ios. Edit ape files are playable on GE too! Just no DSD which get marred and 48K cannot do them justice anyway.

    I got refunds for all of them.

    Mega is my cloud and works well with GE.
    Stay with zips and GE unzips.

    It seems to me, for 2 min of listening GE could be indeed putting out 24/96 output to the HP dongle.... E6AC0A52-DCC4-4FF3-9B27-467F677922B5.png 1B630E66-C0C8-43F9-93D6-DC5C6849A085.png
    Last edited: Jun 20, 2018
  11. Sound Eq
    can i ask which is the best dac/amp adapter cable for iphone xs, anything great in a cable like form factor

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