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iPhone 5 Equalizer Apps in App Store

Discussion in 'Sound Science' started by ian minton, Oct 25, 2012.
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  1. gearofwar
    Accudio was made by a korean company ^
    I'm currently listening to Radsone and Accudio and found that Radsone does a better job of widening the soundstage as well as sound clarity, has anyone here tried it? Maybe my ears are wrong here
  2. Ronion
    I don't know, but accudio has been a revolution for me. I wish they used "Q" instead of "bandwidth"(language I'm more used to), but perhaps bandwidth is easier to comprehend for peoplewhodon't use DAWs on a daily basis. Combine this with a good measurement rig and the sky is the limit provided you have a clear target curve. Accudio's own target is not too far off, but it's still not exactly right. Pretty close though. The problem is that there is some degree of variability between the exact set of headphones that you have and the ones that they measured, and better developed target curves are out there from The guys at Harman and PSB. Nothing stopping us at home from matching up to theirs other than a measurement rig..........
  3. AustinIan
  4. huckfinn
    I would advise you try Tune Shell
    I have them all (I believe [​IMG]) and that, to me, is the absolute best.
  5. gearofwar

    Tune Shell is a good music player aimed for common consumers but it's not a revolution in technology like Accudio which is aimed for audiophiles
  6. huckfinn
    I don't know gearofwar....at the end it all becomes quite dependent on individual tastes.....I have Accudio but....Well, I placed all E.Q. players in preference order and Tuneshell is the one I keep coming back to, the first of the list........(never as good as my rockboxed ipod but...[​IMG] ..none of them are, in fact
  7. thatBeatsguy
    Well, it totally depends on how much you're willing to pay for, really. But of course, 5 dollars at most is nothing. I made a thread that's still in the works, reviewing all kinds of EQ apps. Hope it helps...
  8. mechamits
    Just my two cents and it's entirely personal opinion so to the uninitiated I'd suggest trying out several free apps or the free trial versions, each app has different playback interfaces and aren't always intuitive and certain apps will dramatically colorize your music--good and bad.
    For neutral sound I prefer Denon over Accudio and EQu personally, but I often like the increased soundstage that BBE provides.  
    Of special note, I had completely given up on Bongiovi's DPS as it crashed frequently but noticed it was re-engineered back in the spring and reloaded it onto my IPod Touch/5 and it is much improved, it still has an odd selection of profiles and minimal EQ'ing but it seems to work exceptionally well with less expensive buds, so if you're on the fence, try the free version, it's not perfect but definetly brought new life to my old SoundMagic buds.
    By the way, DPS also improves the sound output to my Toyota's stock audio, new favorite for car audio too.
  9. jazzman7
    I vote for Equalizer by Audioforge, but only if you are willing to tweak its parametric EQ settings for each headphone you own. I keep headphone-specific presets handy.  
    The ability to import and export equalizer settings in the Audioforge app via email is very cool as well. I've emailed myself all the EQs I've got and can reload them onto another device easily.  
    The developer of Equalizer recently updated  to high-quality processing similar to the HQ setting in the Denon app, and it makes a world of difference.  Equalizer sounds very very clean.  The high-quality processing only works under iOS 7, though -- older iDevices won't benefit from it.  
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