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iPad keeps being sent to App Store

Discussion in 'Feedback & Bug Reports' started by steve eddy, Jan 5, 2014.
  1. Steve Eddy
    More and more lately I've been accessing the web from my iPad. Recently I've noticed when I'm on a HeadFi page, all of a sudden I'm sent to the App Store to a page for some silly game. At first I thought it was due to an errant finger, but now I'm pretty sure that this is happening automatically.

    Anyone else notice this? I've only had it happen to me on HeadFi.

  2. Radioking59
    This has happened a few times to me. I thought I was accidentally clicking an ad too, but now that I think of it I never accidentally click any of the other ads.

    iOS 7.0.4
  3. Oregonian

    Same here.  I did not click anything on my iPad, it just sent me there...................
  4. Steve Eddy
    Thought so. Man, the things that hucksters like Huddler (the company that manages the advertising here) will resort to just to try and make a buck. Sad.

  5. Currawong Contributor
    It's more likely that some code in an advert was causing the problem (which may not be under the control of anyone who runs the site and could be the result of a malicious advertiser). If you could tell us what app came up, that would help a lot. 

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