iOS 4.2 out now
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Apr 28, 2010
Just to let all you iPad/Phone/Pod owners know, if you didn't already.
iPad owners in particular can rejoice as they get the multi-tasking/app switching, folders and all that jazz other iOS device users have enjoyed for a while, about time!
Things to note so far:
Airplay is on 4.2 BUT you need an Airplay device on your wireless network, i.e. the new Apple TV (other Airplay hardware isn't out yet I don't think) for it to show up when you're using stuff that supports it. Ditto for AirPrint. No devices on network = no icons. 
In the beta version any app could output audio over Airplay, but there was a 2 second delay which made it useless for games and stuff. Video apps like YouTube delay the video by 2 seconds as well, so it all plays back synced on your TV. It does however offer some interesting possibilities if you wanted to leave Bloom on in the background, or something.
There are new text tones, but they're rubbish and only for iPhone 4 anyway, meh.
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Didn't notice the update - will have to drop 4.2 on the iPhone and iPad tonight! I'm really looking forward to a unified inbox and folders on the iPad. Those have been a little frustrating since I've gotten used to them on the iPhone.
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Remember to update your Apple TVs to 4.1 for the AirPlay thing.
Also iPad and iPhone 4 owners get the 'Find my iPhone' app free, no need to pay for MobileMe any more. If you don't have an iPad or iPhone 4...
If you can get hold of an iPhone4 or iPad you can get it working on your 3GS.

You just need to go to mail,contacts,calender settings and put your apple ID name & password in and verify.
Then do the same on the 3GS and it'll verify there too.

Find a friend, or take a cheeky trip to an Apple store. :wink:

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