introduction and requirements
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New Head-Fier
Dec 13, 2020
chennai, India
I read your article for new users. It is long and I hope I have understood all your advice. If something is wrong in this introductory thread I apologize, I am 94 years old and moderately hearing impaired from Chennai, India. I use my cell phone only for talking on phone and sending SMS to contacts including in whatsapp and occasionally for taking amateur photos. I do not use headphone for any other purpose definitely not for music. As I do not go out "noise cancelling" is not important to me. I have a laptop which I use for internet purposes. So I only need a headphone (preferably wired) which enhances volume while talking. I do not like Bluetooth headphones as the mic is on earcup and so contacts do not hear me clearly. At the same time I do not want to spend lot of money as my phone itself costs me less than 500 us dollars. Hope I have covered all my requirements.

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