1. Sennheiser HD 560S

    Sennheiser HD 560S

    Reveal the truth in your music Today’s audiophiles spend hours enjoying or analyzing music, whether listening to another artist’s work or assessing their own recordings. Sennheiser’s new HD 560S headphones offer just what is required for analytical listening sessions at an accessible price...
  2. B

    Newbie Advice

    Hi all, I'm looking to buy a new pair of closed back, wired headphones. I've been doing my research, but I keep seeing contradicting opinions and I'm kinda lost. I'm looking for and everyday pair that I can use for music and games. I'm looking to spend less than $300 USD and as I said above, I...
  3. XM3orZ7m2

    Samsung ANC Type-C Headphones (earphones) Model:EO-IC500BBEGUS

    Haven't seen a post about this and it seems pretty exciting especially since Samsung acquired Harman. These are quite special in the sense that previous versions of ANC earbuds needed a thick brick due to limited power from the headphone jack. These have no brick as they take the increased...
  4. Billheiser

    SOLD (Price drop) Sennheiser HD1 Momentum 2 headphones, with wireless, wired, & noise cancelling

    Flawless condition, Sennheiser HD1/Momentum 2 headphones, wireless & ANC. Ivory cups, dark brown leather. 99% new; only 2-3 hours of use by a family member. They sound and work perfect. Comes with all accessories, box, etc. Sennheiser used the Momentum name, then changed it to HD1, and then...
  5. U


    can anyone tell me , what is the best headphone with V-shaped sound signature under 50 $ ? i prefer wired and closed back headphones. Thanks in advance.
  6. T

    Earphone advice for apple switcher

    Hello, so I used to have an iphone and I switched to android recently and the volume contol of my apple earphones which I love do not work on my android. So I am basicaly looking for a copy of the apple for android(...
  7. S

    Need suggestions for over-the-ear headphones

    I'm looking for headphones with some of this qualities: 1) Looks: I'd prefer headbands that are almost perfectly round like the ones in the photo below. Shallow ear pads would be nice, too, but not a must. 2) Wired. It can have bluetooth, but I need to use it with cable. 3) Active noise...
  8. shwaz

    Master & Dynamic MH40 brown and silver

    Selling my headphones, got something else and not using them much any longer. Have the microphone wire still, but not the longer, no mic cord. Has two sets of earpads. Two are in good shape, two are failing. Seriously disappointing given the build quality on the cans themselves (and EMPHASIS...
  9. Griffinhart

    Budget dual-mode wired/wireless earbuds?

    So I like using wireless earbuds when I'm commuting - walking around or riding public transit, that sort of thing, listening to stuff on my smartphone. However, I also need to use wired-only audio on occasion (mostly work-related, which I can't get into). I was using a pair of VAVA MOOV 28...
  10. trebla

    Mdr-1RBT Sony Premium Bluetooth

    Gently used, earpads in great condition (soft and plush) awesome sounding headphones (balanced sound, musical + detailed) i get 10 or 11 hours battery life so they are quite un-used Love these headphones, sad to see them go. Micro USB, 3.5mm AUX input (for when batteries run out) and includes...
  11. A

    Recommendations for Rock and metal headphones?

    TL;DR switchable bluetooth/wired over/on ear headphones for metalcore and rock as a bonus. are grado sr80's good for loud rooms like a food court? are audio technica m50x's and m40x's worth it? they have a bluetooth module i can buy but can i get something better? LONG VERSION Im new here. im...
  12. Ksweene5

    Aiwa Arc 1 Over Ear Bluetooth Headphones - Mint + Extras - FS / FT

    Hello HFi - I am considering selling my Aiwa Arc 1 Bluetooth Over Ear Headphones. I think these are an excellent pair of wireless over-ears. A huge bonus is the ability to use them wired as well. I really like these and would highly recommend them, though I think a different wireless solution...
  13. H

    Please suggest me some IEM's with detachable cable and Bluetooth under 200$

    Please recommend me some IEM's with a detachable cable under 200$ but with Bluetooth. Like those IEMs from the "64 audio" company. They would suit me very well, because i could listen to my music in high quality with the wire when i am at home and detach the cable when i go for a jog or...
  14. klepto

    [Recommendation]: Best Wired Portable Closed Back Headphone?

    Here's what I am looking for: Portability Great Imaging Good Base/Mids Comfortable AF Decent to good Soundstage I'll be using this for gym time, commutes, plane trips, etc. My budget is anything below 700-800 dollars. Thanks for the help, I'm dipping my foot in the world of audiophiles and...
  15. Iuke

    Marshall monitor wired vs bluetooth

    I am considering to buy either the bluetooth monitor or it's wired version but I'm not quite sure about a couple of things. To be honest if I had the bluetooth, I would mostly use it with the wire because sound quality is pretty much everything to me. The reason for me why I might opt for...