Introducing The Brainwavz B100 & B150 Balanced Armature Earphones

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  1. crabdog
    Same here, all my BW products are still in perfect condition.
  2. Luigi Milazzo
    I had that b100, and i found the sound so special, but the cable is really too thin, and the left channel started to rattle a lot after two weeks. maybe i’m unlucky, but i want to share all my experience
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  3. peter123
    I'm sorry to hear that, did you contact BW about your issue?

    I still think that the RE-400 is a strange recommendation for good build quality and long lasting but ymmw.
  4. Luigi Milazzo
    amazon made a total refund for me so i had a marshall mode. a very good set, more aggressive, good mids, boomier in the bass. now i have the eq versiin that tame down the bass whe you activate the switch.
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  5. harry501501
    After taking a wee break from my favourite hobby to concentrate on work I've finally thrown myself back in with the EXCELLENT B150. These tiny things are extremely good sounding. They are super comfy too, with good support from the over ear cable. i was a little hesitant at first as it seemed the forward vocals took too big a postilion in the mix and masked mid detail, but once my ears adjusted to it's sound i was left very impressed.

    Very musical, good soundstage depth and width (helped by the fact you don't feel you are wearing them). The bass was the biggest surprise being as they are a single BA. It's fun, quick and with great resolution and could oomph when needed. Mids have great detail but it's not your normal in your face sharp detail I'm used to from the few BAs i have. It's subtle, but I'm hearing some little things I don't hear with my many other sets. highs are non fatiguing the way i like them. Separation is very good for instruments, but sometimes not so good with vocal harmonies. e.g. Under Pressure seemed to blend the two voices of Freddie and Bowie, instead of keep them apart. Far from a deal breaker.


    Dunu Titan 1 (Fiio EX1) - They are actually a wee bit similar in presentation imo. The B150 doesn't have the same aggression, but details wise and speed are fairly similar. Bass depth goes to Titan, but B150 is quicker and not that far off. Both have good attack when needed and similar thump. Pref - B150

    LZA4 - Soundstage goes to LZ, details wise they aren't that far off. The LZ has more room between things and can sound more detailed, but again the B150 does it a bit more subtle. pref - Love them both, but the B150 just sounds more coherent and fun and is much cheaper.

    Fidue A73 - These sound pretty similar, although it has been a while since I had the A73. Both have good attack, drums have wonderful snap and similar levels of detail/mids, both non fatiguing. The B150 just has a tiny bit more bass depth and a little thicker mids which give it more body. A73 is quite thin sounding. Perf - B150, again tho they are more similar than different.

    If you want a fun jack of all trades, the B150 is for you. Mids are neither too thick or thin, they can be gentle but have good attack, oomph and snap when required. Detailed but in a subtle way. Good sound stage. Great instrument separation and decent amount of air in between things. Best of all, they are only £55 which is stunning for what you get sound wise. Some people might not like the VERY thin cable and plastic finish, I'm very careful with positioning it in my pocket. They look great though... and have great isolation. They also are pretty forgiving with low bit rate songs.

    Consumer sound, bordering on audiophile. Really enjoyable. I think they take the place of the 1More Triple Driver as sub £100 king.

    PS... I'm tempted by the B200 already though.
  6. nwake
    Wow, Im glad you referenced this, I had it down to these and 1more Triple Driver in my final selection :) Could you elaborate more on differences with the 1more. I'm into detail more than bass head BUT I also like how some headsets can have that fun and engaging immersive sound, which I think is due to stereo imaging and soundstage. Is the 150 more exciting and more detailed than the 1more?
  7. razzer001 Contributor
    I am thrilled you're enjoying our B150. Just a heads up, at the end of this month we should have the B200 V2 out, this will have a transparent housing, same material as used on the b400 and also detachable cables.
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  8. crabdog
    Great to see detachable cables on them! B100 and B150 are two of the most comfortable UIEMs I've ever used.
  9. harry501501
    I bought the B200 around a week ago from Amazon, what changes are made in V2 cos the B200 as it is is astoundingly good at £95.
  10. peter123
  11. harry501501
    Meant sound wise lol
  12. peter123
    Ha ha, according to their website it's "the same great sound" :)
  13. Luigi Milazzo
    w. o. w.: after the drop in price, sure that my previous incident with the b100 was only a case, i bought a b150 just because i really think that the b100 was the ONLY iem letting me to ignore the audio equipment and start to ENJOY music. perfect in every way if you want to relax or hear music during a walk or at work.

    If i want to analyze music i use my studio headphone, the hph-mt8, enjoyable but fatiguing at high volume. Technology runs fast and it is possible now to electronically cancel the noise around, to calibrate the sound in relation of the ear canal, to feel surrounded by the sound with dolby something... but with 59 euros (the cost of a good sushi dinner with my wife), i have a little instrument that gently caresses my brain doin' nothing wrong. I had got 59 models costing from 10 to 400 euros and every hp/earbud/iem had a hearable problem even after my brain adjust... not the b150 (and honestly my beloved discontinued ie7 from sennheiser).

    Bass... just enough inquantity and solid in quality;
    Mids... Sweet and bodied;
    Highs... articulation and presence but never overdone.

    Just a little se425, with a bit of juice added.
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