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Introducing SERA by Vibro Labs

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  1. Daniel Scott
    I've been refreshing the shopify page every day since I ordered Sera. Look forward to hearing them!
  2. sq3rjick
    Trust me. You won't be disappointed. :)
  3. verbositynow
    Oops.  I just ordered a Sera.  AND I'M SO EXCITED!!!!!
    In all seriousness, I'm listening to the warm-sounding Cayin i5 on its tour (review coming up soon) with my UE900s, and while that pairing is fairly nice I think I'm really going to like the (from what I gather here) warm sound of the Sera with my fairly neutral AR-M20.
    EDIT: to add something useful / meaningful to the convo...
  4. PxOR
    [​IMG] will the special price extend a few days? almost sold enough for unwanted stuff to get an upgrade
  5. Luke Pighetti
    Hey PxOR, December 10th is the last day of the preorder. I use PayPal credit for scenarios like this when I am expecting immediate cash a few days after the purchase. Cheers :)
  6. FenW
    The 100 off was too good a deal and I'm just too curious because they do seem like The One I've been seeking... So I ordered a pair last minute :D Really looking forward to seeing it in person!
  7. Luke Pighetti
    Pre-order is over, thank you all for participating! Can't wait to get these out to you guys and gals.
    jinxy245 and BartSimpson1976 like this.
  8. verbositynow
    Thanks Luke!  Just received mine today.  Looks lovely, sounds lovely, really like the mids on these!  Definitely understand what folks are saying about both the silky / liquid mids, the solid bass, and the slightly softened treble.  I need some more time, but I just wanted to hop on and say thanks!  Really happy with it so far, and plan to do some more listening at work this week.  [​IMG]
  9. PxOR
    it's shipped??? 
  10. Raison
    And I am spending everyday refreshing the tracking page [​IMG]
  11. Luke Pighetti
    I'm cranking through these, guys. Most of you should be handled before end of the week.
    In fact, I'm live streaming the builds each day on facebook.com/VibroLabs
    Cheers and thanks for your patience!
  12. omgflyingbanana
    Awesome!! If possible, can you upload one of the livestreams to YouTube so I can watch it later if I can't make it?
  13. Raison
    I caught one of the live stream only to see a email telling me my order's on the way barely an hour after the live stream ended. Damn, now if only USPS can work faster... [​IMG] 
  14. scottcriswell
    Got mine this weekend, have been able to do some solid listening.  Loving them,  the amount of bass is really quite impressive.  Going for the Linum BaX cable I'd say was definitely worth it.  Can't speak to sound quality but the build quality and tangle resistance of the cable is immense.
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