Introducing Hapa Audio's Top Of The Line KnØt IEM and Full Size Headphone Cable
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Apr 24, 2016
Southern California

Enter KnØt IEM and Full Size​

KnØt is Hapa Audio’s Tour de Force, our Top of the Line for design and aesthetics. Using the high quality we are known for throughout our designs, we managed to dramatically improve on sound and performance through geometry, in fact, the most advanced geometry we have ever implemented. Utilizing a new geometry that we specifically designed for a balanced signal, KnØt takes advantage of our understanding of field induction to drastically improve signal transmission. In order to achieve the incredibly complex geometry, we had to start from scratch and create a new method for making this cable. This feat required new tools that we designed and built ourselves that only improved upon our high degree of technical proficiency in handcrafting these pieces of art.


βeta-Sine (Balanced Sinusoidal Isolated Network)​

It’s surprising what geometry can do. When utilized in our entire cable lineup, different geometries have garnered incredible sonic delights. Hapa Audio first utilized geometry to reject RFI and EMI in our breakthrough design of our Breathe RCA cable line up. The next logical progression was to apply the same concept to our headphone cable lineup utilizing our DCS geometry in our Dreddz/DreddKnot in order to create an incredibly vibrant and highly detailed performance. While DCSG showed what could be accomplished with the best quality parts and geometry, we knew we could take it to the next level.


Three dimensions + time:

One must understand the design parameters we required in order to improve on our other geometries to understand the big picture. First, the design needed to be lightweight for user comfort and portability. Secondly, it needed to meet or exceed DCSG in noise rejection and signal transfer. Third, left and right channels inductive fields needed to be isolated from each other to reduce crosstalk. Finally, time domain for the signal arrival needed to exceed that of our previous designs.

β-Sine utilizes a sinusoidal geometry wherein 4 separate leads are woven in the shape of a sine wave that propagates on the interior of the cable for each channel divided into 4 per channel, 8 leads in total. This sinusoidal geometry allows for a constant distance between phase original pathway and phase inverted pathway through the length of the cable. This inductive interplay allows for an ideal transmission for a balanced signal, while simultaneously segregating the left channel from the right.

The result of this carefully crafted geometry is two-fold:

  • A cable with the most accurate phase delivery of any cable on the market, a cable that is incredibly lightweight.
  • A flexible cable that can be stretched significantly, taking the stress off the connectors and delicate Angel Hair litz we utilize in the design.


Musical Jewelry

KnØt is built using custom designed titanium beads proudly handcrafted by our bead artisan. Each KnØt IEM cable is unique in that the set of titanium beads were custom made for that cable and that cable alone. the amp end connector can accommodate plug types from 2.5 mm TRRS, 3.5 mm TRS and TRRS, and even Pentaconn 4.4mm options.


Easy on the eyes, easy on your equipment.

Beta Sine geometry isn’t just about sonics, we utilizes high quality nylon silk which as a very high tensile strength while the geometry itself renders the cable flexible and even stretchy along its length. This stretch takes stress away from the delicate angel hair litz conductors as well as giving the user a bit of feedback from the cable if it snags on something preventing damage to your IEMs, equipment and of course the cable itself.


Complex design all to make your life more simple

We’ve all experienced cable tangle messes. with KnØt IEM those issues are minimized. The main body of the cable is resistant to tangling and KnØt IEM Includes a leather (or vegan leather upon request) case that keeps both the cable and your IEMs safe in a gorgeous handmade hard magnetic clasp case. The case also has a loop that allows you to attach it to a bag, backpack, keychain and we highly suggest attaching a Tile or Apple Tag so your equipment can be easily located in your hectic life.


Conductor options

We are offering three different options for KnØt in order to help custom tune the sound quality to your taste. Copper, pure silver/copper hybrid, and pure silver. We make the distinction of pure silver in that we do not use plated silver in any application for signal transfer.


Whether you’re using a full sized 4 pin XLR or a portable format such as 4.4 mm Pentaconn connector, KnØt FS is crafted to accommodate every balanced option available. We have created two different termination geometries specifically to accommodate large and small barrels.

KnØt IEM can support any IEM, and any termination. Just ask!


Click here for the web link to the cables and select the cable you'd like.



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Man, these were something else to behold when I first saw the cables in person. The customization aspect is only as good as the actual components on offer, and there's nothing cheap about any of this. Of course it's not inexpensive either, but it's obvious that the cables are painstakingly made over many hours, and also the person behind them is a perfectionist because it takes a high power microscope to spot the signs of a hand-made cable. These ooze quality no matter which side of the cable debate you are on, although the IEM cable is hilariously thick for portable use. I can't speak about pricing value just yet because I haven't finished testing them, but even from a scientific point of view I do acknowledge that just about everything done with cables affects the resistance, capacitance, and reactance of said cable. The eventual effect on the sound signature may or may not be captured by frequency responses, so I am going to take the time and be mostly objective with a side of subjective opinions in my eventual review on TechPowerUp. In the meantime, here are some photos of the review samples received on loan:

KnØt Full-size Cable




KnØt IEM Cable




I am pretty sure I'll test the full-size cable with the HIFIMAN HE1000se in a 2-for-1 review, and waiting to see if the 64Audio U18t ever materializes again for the IEM cable test. Else it will be with the Lime Ears Pneuma pictured above!
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I'm not one to invest heavily in cables, and I'm skeptical....but that aside, the differentially-blued damascene one is gorgeous!!! O_O my eyes popped out of my head. The hammered-looking metal ones are also neat. Love the heat-treating techniques.
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Do I get at least one lifetime warranty with my $2200 IEM cable?
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I'm not a cable guy but these look beautiful. I was actually pretty interested and started talking myself into perhaps purchasing one when I saw $200 on a quick scan of the description. Then I saw it was for $200 off the order...

How about chaps just wrap some plain old, low tech, run of the mill 99.99999986% oxygen free copper in these exquisite overcoats and sell me one for a couple hundred bucks? Hell, use a hanger if need be, I just want the pretty.
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damn...they're one-miiiiiiiiiilion dollars.
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It's been a while since I've posted... I've just been too busy...

But nonetheless, I still had to take a quick shot of the KnØt IEM cable!

Now, I still have them burning in, so sound impressions will come at a later date.

I just really have to applaud Hapa Audio... These are a work of ART!
They feel so premium on the hand and my lord, I can't take my eyes off of them haha
And yes, Hapa Audio was able to match the colours of the Tia Fourte... I don't know what magic they've done, but results say it all!

Even though my studio lights were about to be picked up for maintenance, I just had to do a quick shot of these beauties!

More photos along with the review soon!

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How about chaps just wrap some plain old, low tech, run of the mill 99.99999986% oxygen free copper in these exquisite overcoats and sell me one for a couple hundred bucks? Hell, use a hanger if need be, I just want the pretty.
I think a lot of money could be made (looking at you, Hapa) by selling lower-end cables--maybe simple silver-plated copper, copper ribbon or "plain old, low tech, run of the mill [very pure] oxygen free copper"--with some pretty metal furnishing for a more attainable price (maybe $100/cable). Hapa could still sell ultra-high-end cables for the $1million they normally ask, and make a fair bit off of high-volume, lower-price sales on lower-end cables.

I'd drop $100 on a silver-plated copper cable with Damascus furnishing.....but I'd never in my wildest dreams drop $2000 on a cable, and I really don't "cheap out" on audio (for instance, I just bought myself a nice SR007 MK2.0, it's in the mail right now). Personally, I'd also pass on the cloth sheath, and go for a bare-copper-under-transparent-insulation look.

It's entirely possible to produce heat-patterned Damascus furnishings cheaply. Make a big bar of the specific Damascus you want (I think you all are using titanium, by the look of it, but I'd be happy with plain steel), cut it (mill or bandsaw) into nice cubes of the right size, throw the cubes on the lathe, then heat-blue or chemical-blue it. No need to make an individual billet for each component, so it can be done fairly inexpensively. They sell damascened knives--actual pattern-welded steel, not just acid-etched--on Amazon for $25 (I've bought one, it's definitely pattern-welded), and you can get them on Alibaba for about ten bucks each (or less, if you buy in bulk), so it's possible to do in an economical way.
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coming with a big apology for the delays on my side, but here goes a first peek at my Knot!


It’s actually designed to match my pink and sparkly A18t, but as there’s been some issues there, it’s currently on the craft ears Aurum

Incredible cable on build and aesthetics - sound impressions to within 2-3 days!

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