Introduce me to new music?
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Mar 4, 2009
looking for some new music, all my old stuff(that I love) is getting rather old.

I enjoy the majority of ELO, most of MJ's stuff, U2, Floyd, Doors, The Who but I'm looking mainly for upbeat music. More along the lines of ELO, MJ, The Who kind of thing. I'd go listen to some new bands for myself but I don't exactly have the kind of cash to burn on cds I'm only going to listen to once.
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I often use my local library to sample music. A lot of libraries have pretty good CD collections and allow you to check out discs. A great way to try out a bunch of different styles/artists without spending anything.
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If you're short of cash, searching blogs for unsigned artists is always beneficial. That's how I found The Phantom's Revenge, a disco house artist you might want to check out.

If you like poppy, melodic sounds try out Paul Westerberg or Supergrass maybe. My Morning Jacket is in my opinion the best active band out there right now. Also look into Daniel Johnston. All his stuff is pop songs. I would find it hard to not find one song of his you'll like.

Oh, and Jeff Buckley. These guys should keep you busy for a day or two.
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What I do when I look for new music is use Pandora, its great.I also ask what my friends and family are listening to, and when I am at my local music shop I ask people who work there what they like.
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Get Simplify. Then add Aiml3ss. I have over 7k songs and with Simplify I have close to 50k when certain members are logged on. It's a great way to discover music. And it Legal!
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Try some free downloads at , best to find soundboard copies....Umphry's McGee is pretty good recent rock type of jams but maybe you can only find audience copies there, at least you can preview them for free-get them in flac at least.

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