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Interest Check -- SF Bay Area, California, Summer 2010

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  1. anomaly7
    Thanks for the guitar center recommendation. I called my local (Concord) store, they have some items I'll go and listen to, but mainly I mean, try on for fit and comfort, as it will be difficult to judge the sound quality, relatively speaking, I think...
  2. Mdraluck23
    So far I've had lots of luck at music/dj/instrument stores.
    I didn't know Guitar Center had any sort of selection. I haven't walked into one in quite a number of years. When I want to try headphones, I end up just buying them and either return them or sell them on here. Right now, I'm deciding which of my current headphones to throw up on the FS section. lol.
  4. tengen
    Guitar Center selection is quite small, and there's a lot of noise in the background. I think the Van Ness store's best offer was a DT770 80ohm closed headphone. Or a 250. Don't exactly recall. They're hidden away behind the counter where they sell mixing software and such. It was a bit hard to spot them at first - demo'd the M50, SRH840, HD280, and the DT770.
    On topic, I'm also interested in a Bay Area meet and would love to attend.
  5. soundboy
    I'm itching to attend another one.
  6. aamefford
    Wish I could bribe someone to organize - it just isn't going to happen for me to do it.  The list of "reasons" (excuses) is long, lame and not that interesting.  Wait!  Maybe I can bribe someone(s), sort of:
    If a relatively longtime menber in good standing were to take the bait, take the reigns and contact me, I think I could come up with $100 seed money.  Note this would be considered a loan, and I would expect a proportional payback once the member contributions, raffle proceeds if any, etc. rolled in.
    In other words, if it cost $1000 and 10 folks did this and we brought in $1000, we'd break even and get our $100 back.  If we brought in $800, we each get $80 back.  If we make $2000,  we get our $100 back, and maybe a beer or two, and all proceeds above costs are contributed in support of head-fi.org.
    I challenge someone to organize, and at least say, 15 others (is that enough?) to "Pony Up!"  Yeah, I know, money is much easier than effort, but maybe it's better than nothing?
    (With a great flourish of bravado and grandeur that I do not actually posess,) "THE GAUNTLET IS DOWN, I SAY!  PUT YOUR MONEY WHERE YOUR HEAD-FI IS!"
    And more importantly I add (again with the flourish that is not really mine,) "FIND US A LEADER! OUR LEGIONS NEED A KING FOR A DAY!" (or maybe an administrator for a day is more accurate..)
    Let the flurry begin!
  7. fallingreason
    In a couple of weeks we'll have to change this thread to 

    Interest Check -- SF Bay Area, California, FALL 2010

  8. Mdraluck23
    I wish I could organize this... but I can't.
  9. kool bubba ice
    No San Jose/Santa Clara meet?
  10. jp11801 Contributor
    Oh gawd, will one of you NorCal slackers get on it and just organize this thing, hell Al and I did three a piece and it is not rocket science
    step one, pick a venue with over 1000sq ft of space
    step two, select an available date at said venue
    step three, remove credit card from wallet and reserve this room
    step four, announce date and location
    step five, go to meet and have a blast while at meet announce/ask for donations to cover expense
    step six, pack up gear and go home
  11. Mdraluck23
    Well... I wish I could do that... But:
    1. I lack venue knowledge.
    2. I lack date knowledge.
    3. I lack a credit card.
    4. ....Actually I could do that.
    5. .....Sounds great!
    6. ...... Would I ever have to leave?
    Anyway, I really want to help, and I would be willing to make a donation in cash, but I am only 17... So I'm not sure people would want me organizing such an event... I would probably reserve the wrong room or something. IT'S JUST TOO MUCH RESPONSIBILITY! [​IMG]
  12. balderon Contributor
    And don't forget step seven, start an impressions thread and post your feedback.
  13. Stein
    Bumping out of desperation.
  14. beeman458
    A good luck bump.
  15. shane55
    Thanks to Mdraluck23 posting on the dog-fi forum, I saw the link for this thread !
    Fantastic. Interested. Will keep checking.
    I don't have much (if any) time to donate, but would love to attend and contribute where possible.
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