Inglourious Basterds
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Maybe QT will do this remake next!
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Loved it. Absolutely loved it.

My only gripe - like a few others have stated - was that the Basterds were treated almost like extras. I wanted to know them. I wanted to know their motivations. Sure, it's obvious enough that Jews would want revenge, but there should have been something that set each of them apart. Though Quentin surely knows this. Maybe there's a deeper reason why they're not developed. Maybe it's because the Germans are usually posed as killers without obvious motivation and he wanted to stand that convention on its head, too. Regrettably, I've only seen it once, but I plan to see it several (if not more) times. Maybe the answer will reveal itself.

For one, I love the intersection of high art and schlock. There are terrific art films being made, but they never quite grab and twist you the way Quentin does. It reminds me of the spontaneous combustion Dickens slipped into "Bleak House." Dickens was a huge fan of Fortean style paranormal stuff and he just had to get that into a book.

Of course Quentin's dialogue isn't realistic. It's a story, it's meant as entertainment and he has loads of fun feeding dialog to gangsters, Nazis an assortment of all of his characters that's out of place and hard to imagine in real life. Do you really want to see a stereotypical Nazi officer, or is it more fun to have one that's vain and preening? Of all the Nazi officer portrayals you've seen over the years, which one stands out from the rest? Only Quentin could have pulled off a character so preposterous while giving him life and near plausibility.

I am looking forward to unraveling more of this movie with repeated viewings.

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