Inexpensive DAP with Coaxial Out ?

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by musedesign, Nov 9, 2017.
  1. musedesign
    Hi All,

    I was interested in buying the Walnut F1 2.5, Walnut V2s. I am buying the DAP to use on my nightstand before I go to sleep and to use with my Raspberry Pi > TDA1387 X8 NOS DAC (which I love) > JHL 1969 headphone amp.

    Can the Walnut V2S do coaxial out to use with an external DAC ?

    Thank you !
  2. musedesign
    To answer my own question have found, that the DAPs below have coaxial out:

    iBasso DX80 $279
    Cayin N5 $259
    Cayin N3 $149
    FiiO X5 III $399

    Cable Cayin USB-C to Coaxial Cable, CS-30TCR USB-C To Coaxial​

    Any other recommendations ? Thank you !
  3. maxxevv
    Would this work for your application instead ???
  4. kvik
    Xduoo X10T (pure transport w/digital outputs only - AES/Coax/Optical) $215 ($160 on aliexpress 11.11)
    Colorfly C4 (regular DAP w/Coax Out) $400

    If size isn’t critical..
    Shinrico D3 aka XRK D3 (plays from SD-cards and external USB hard drives, has AES/I2S/Coax/Optical outputs) $350 ($315 on 11.11)

    Not sure I understand your user scenario entirely, so maybe only C4 is relevant
  5. tarhana
    hidizs ap100

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