Inexpensive Custom IEM's?
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Last time I checked there were 9 ads on eBay for "custom in ear monitors" posted by InEarCentral, many that still claim a 6-8 week turn-around. That while there are dozens of (if not 100 or more) people clamoring for products they paid for 4, 5 even 6 months or more ago. This seems to mirror a Ponzi scheme wherein they use the money paid today to prop up the sales made long ago. One wonders how much longer Rob and Jared can do this before they fold the tent and people loose not only the money they paid but also the monitors sent in to have reshelled?
i got shipping confirmation from rob also today. Only took 51/2 months. Hope I don't have to refit. I dread that scenario.
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  Mine just shipped, we'll see how they are once they get here.

i got shipping confirmation from rob also today. Only took 51/2 months. Hope I don't have to refit. I dread that scenario.

Just curious, but did either of you receive them? If so, were they worth the wait ?
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I received mine, brief initial thoughts; the left of each pair seals much better than the right. On my second pair (the ones I ordered to wear while riding my Ducati) the right IEM sticks out of my ear so far that it's difficult to put my helmet on without pain or having to remove my helmet to reinstall the monitor. It is at least 3/16s to a quarter inch wider than the left. Additionally, I requested one pair in transparent blue and the other in transparent magenta as in the photos on their eBay ads. I got the blue ones as I requested but the second pair is opaque pink. The reason I requested differing colors is that my second pair is more bass heavy which is good for covering the booming exhaust of my bike's twin cylinder engine. I'm waiting on a response to a few emails to Jared or Rob but so far I've received no satisfactory replies. At this point I want to send only one pair at a time to see if they can get that pair right before I send the other.
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Allow me to add my voice to this dreadful chorus of pissed off customers! Iam not at the 20 week mark and am soooooooo done with this crap! after being lied to several times about the completion date they do not deserve my business. If it took me another 2 months to get another company to do it instead, out of principle I would and will. I am withdrawing my business from them! I have sent a couple strongly worded emails to them telling them to STOP and return my IEM's now. I said that I shall expect to be refunded the full amount and receive both my molds and IEM's in the mail soon! 5 months sitting on a set of JH'16s is NOT ACCEPTABLE! Not even to mention the constant lying just to save face/buy time. Apparently Barb is back but I done care at this point.
I would be down for a web site of people like us, to fight a little. So mad!!
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There is such a site. Look for Been Screwed By InEarCentral and you will find links to file fraud charges with both the USPS and Florida's Attorney General. That Facebook page was made just for people like us. Good luck with Rob and Jacob, brother!

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