Impressions: Prototype Triad Audio HeadCode
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I can't offer much in terms of a comparison because I don't have a Beta22 sitting in front of me, but I did find it to be a little too noisy for use with my D5000's. Although it was exceptional with the HD-650's.
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I once heard Phil was so excited that he called the new trial headcode the "new definition in amplification" so it must be plenty good.

I have so much hope for this that I am selling my LISA XP/LLP combo and a HP-1 to get myself financially ready for it

F. Lo
Jun 3, 2008 at 11:18 PM Post #22 of 27
TRIAD is working hard to produce the New Home Heacode That will be in the Same Chassis as the Amp shown hear. LeChuck's Headcode Case was sent to the Machine shop for upgrades and to allow the machinist to duplicate the case since that really is Beautiful casework why not simply reuse the same case as opposed to designing a new one.

This will be available in Both the Dual Mono as well as the Optional Triad Version just like the Previous Headcode however while the case is the same these new Headcodes will contain the Newest Headcode Modules a refined version of what was used in LeChucks amp. a cosmetically smiler Amp will hopefully be made at about the same time this Amp is finished. so things are happening fast with the Headcode.
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the Home Headcode talked about Hear is about 16 Inches sq and the Chassis is about 2.5 Inches in Hight

the Valvecode talked about Hear is the same Dimensions Except one of the Transformers siting on Top of the Chassis adds another 4 Inches above the chassis placing the total height just under 7 Inches including the rubber feet on the Chassis bottom.

The Smaller amp is the Portable version is a two chassis system with each Chassis about 14 Inches deep or Long and 6.5 inches High and about 2.5 inches with rubber feet these Chassis can be placed ether side by side or on top of each other with no Hum.

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