Impressions of my 2nd decent set of cans
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Dec 2, 2006
I started with Grado SR60s, which I got about 2 1/2 years ago. I decided to upgrade, and after a lot of research (thank you head-fi) decided to get the Beyer DT990s ('05 version). Late last week I got the precious package from B&H, and have put in about 20-25 hours of listening.

All I can say is WOW. First, they look slick as hell, although I thought the grill was going to be metallic (Headroom refers to them as "chrome louvered slats"), or at least less "plasticky", but that is a minor quibble.

As to the sound, the first thing I noticed is soundstage. I finally have a sense of what that term means. Instruments and sounds seem to have distinct spaces outside my head. When I listen to older jazz recordings where some of the instruments are hard L or R, the effect is almost disconcerting. I can now see the need for an amp with crossfeed (excellent - an excuse to upgrade

I have a hard time articulating how the sound is different from, or better than, the SR60s, but I feel like all my music now has greater "texture". And I am noticing greater detail than I did with the SR60s. I used to roll my eyes a little when I read here about cymbal decays, or hearing a pick slide on a string etc., but I now notice that kind of stuff on almost every song.

Finally, these cans are extremely comfortable. I have worn them for as long as 4 hours with no discomfort (and no fatigue from the sound either). I could never say that about the Grados. And lastly, I should add that the padded carrying case that came with them is a nice little bonus. Someone in another post stated that all high end cans should come with something similar. It's a minor thing, but if one is paying >$200 for headphones, it seems like the manufacturer should throw that in.

So this relative newb is quite pleased with his acquisition. I am looking forward to improved performance as I upgrade my source and amp.
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Dec 14, 2006
Toronto, Canada
yea wait till they're burned in, i found the bass keeps getting better and better, also the high highs went down a bit and midrange became more apparent. they're amazing after they've had atleast 50 hrs on them. also i found them much more comfortable later (about 2-3 weeks of extended use) on when the pads comformed to the shape of my head (that also helps improve the sound too).

great phones, glad you like them as much as many other beyer owners.

edit: also, running them off a better amp will show you that your pa2v2 is the weakness and is limiting your phones. they just keep getting better with a better source/amp.

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