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Immerse me into music

  1. ecd62
    Although a very frequent reader, this is my first proper post. I don't claim to be an audiophile in the technical sense. Just trying to enjoy as much as possible my music (almost anything except EDM, rap and very hard metal) Looking for headphone with a lush and full signature. One that could immerse me into the music, that puts the musicality and tonality front stage. That gives priority to the whole. A musical but definitely not muffled headphone. Nevertheless I would appreciate a degree of decent detail, sound stage and imaging. The cans that I already own are HD800s, focal elear, Beyerdynamic T1v2. LCD-X, Alpha dog, Shure srh1540. And amps violectric v281 and Beyerdynamic A2. Budget around 2000 euros. Thanks for any hints and input.
  2. catscratch Contributor
    Offbeat suggestion: Stax L700 + amp should be somewhere in the budget ballpark. Maybe not quite as lush and full as some of the top planars but one of the best, to me, for "I don't care I just want to listen more" sort of listening. Detailed but super smooth, great imaging, good tone, just a "you are there" sort of headphone without going overboard on the technicalities. As for others - well you already have your bases covered, you have good dynamics, planars, etc. I'm not sure what more you can get that you don't have already aside from electrostatics.

    Also, I do notice that aside from the Shures and maybe the Aplha dogs you don't have a headphone that measures truly neutral. Maybe play around with EQ and even out your existing headphones and see if that helps immersion any. Though obviously I make this assumption without knowing how stuff sounds to you.
    Last edited: Oct 12, 2018
  3. ecd62
    Thank you for taking time to give me your opinion. To be honest I hadn't have in mind Stax because they need a dedicated amp and I was planning to use those that I already have. But now I will look into what you suggest, although Stax are not the easiest to find in Italy.
  4. Rhamnetin
    Lush/full signature you say but with decent detail and sound stage/imaging... the upcoming ZMF Verite might be just what you need, or maybe even the upcoming ZMF Aeolus (open back Atticus). Or maybe even the ZMF Eikon. The Verite and Eikon should be more different than everything you own.
  5. itzflashgordon
    ^ the ZMF is always a good choice. I love my Sony MDR Z1R's, IMO if you like classic rock there is nothing better but they are of course very controversial with some people hating them. If you have a way to hear them I personally super recommend. And there is a bunch of us over here at the impressions thread that talk about them all the time for roughly 146 pages lol.

  6. ecd62
    ZMF headphones were always on my shortlist, though not sure which could cover my needs. So your input is very useful. Thanks.
  7. ecd62
    146 pages? Seems that choosing a headphone is more difficult than my master's degree. As for the Sonys, I have read about the controversy that follows them. Going back to ZMF, which one could you describe as more lush, full and immersive?
  8. HBen
    sounds like an LCD3 or a Stax 007 could complement your collection :)
  9. ecd62
    Stax would need an amp , so regretfully there goes my budget. LCD3 was one of my primary considerations along with a ZMF. Thanks.
  10. buke9
    The Ether 2’s are just all that for me. The ZMF new headphone forgot the nearest is also very good but like the Ether 2 more myself.
  11. itzflashgordon
    I'm a fan of the eikon personally as far as ZMF goes. The wood ascetic is also awesome, they finish the cups very well.
  12. ecd62
    Ok. So let's narrow it down according to advice given. Stax is over my budget or stretching it to its limits, so I can't consider them. That leaves me with one of the ZMF aeolus/atticus, eikon, maybe verite if it is not well over 2000 euros, LCD 3 and ETHER 2. So I am left with two questions .1) which is closer to my criteria ( lush, full, immersive with decent degree of detail, separation and imaging) 2)is the lcdx a punchier and faster alternative to lcd3? If so, I would have to rule out lcd3 since I already have lcdx. If not, it is a strong candidate depending on how it compares to the ZMFs and Ether 2 mentioned above. Hope I am not tiring you. Thank you all.
    Last edited: Oct 15, 2018
  13. Rhamnetin
    I would avoid the LCD-3, not only because you have the X already but due to issues with upper mid and lower treble recession. Otherwise it fits the bill but so does the ZMF Ori and seemingly the Eikon and Verite, but those don't have said recession.

    The Verite is said to currently sound like an Eikon on steroids and is open back. I am getting an Eikon soon, I'll be able to provide more feedback then.
  14. ecd62
    Input much appreciated. Looks like I'm going the eikon/ verite way. Plus ZMF cans look so damn beautiful.

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