iFi Audio Asks... What (Product) Should We Make Next?
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iFi audio

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Mar 20, 2013
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Hey Folks,

Here's your chance to make your voices heard! Simple rules, pick a product that we don't currently make (CD Transport, DDC, LPS, Turntable?) and let us know if you want us to consider making this in the future. You can be as specific as you want, or perhaps just a general product category wish, it is completely up to you!

Let's have some fun here. This thread isn't for insulting or bashing current products, or each other's ideas for that matter. It's just a simple thread for "posting" your ideas on what you think, and what product you would like to see us "have a go" at!

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IFi iESL black
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A good headphone amp with all the "ifi" features that can slot between the zen can and the Pro ican. Something with a new form factor than the classic ZEN line and with more power, as that's always great to have. It would be great if it was in the 500/600 euro range, maybe with the chassis/form factor of the neo series. ( and possibly a matching pure dac )
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Since you mentioned a DDC, I would have the very rare use case, where I need a DDC that can take DSD512 and PCM 384/768 via i2S Input, and then can output it via USB.

Black unit of course, as high quality as possible. Summit Fi stuff.

You'd probably only sell 3 units of these, but I'd buy one of them
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Some suggestions from me :)
  • Full-size headphone cable
  • More powerful linear power supply for NUC (Roon Core) for example
  • Desktop rack for desktop components (not just iFi ones)
  • Shortrer variants of your power cables (Nova and Quasar)
  • Galvanic USB isolator (new version of iGalvanic 3.0 in smaller form factor)
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A digital audio player would be interesting only if iFi can nail the software and guarantee a black silent background. If Android rather than non-Android then offering at Android version update(s) is a must. Only a small minority of DAP makers offer Android version updates and the others will only follow if there is leadership
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IFI AUDIO please.
Finally, use better quality potentiometers in such a great series of ZEN devices - DAC/AMP and AMP
to eliminate the volume unbalance at the beginning of the scale and the need to set the potentiometer to 11:00 so that both channels play equally evenly.

This disability has been crying out for vengeance to heaven for so many years and so many ZEN models.
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A handheld digital audio transport-only DAP (No DAC, no amp). I'm thinking of something like the xDuoo X10T II. This device would have S/PDIF coaxial and USB outputs, and be designed to work together with dongles and/or portable DAC/Amps like the hip-dac.

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Gryphon V2 with similar formfactor but with an added pair of miniature DHT tubes and an Alps Potentiometer similar to what Cayin are using in their C9. Double the power would be lovely as well.

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