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If you won the Mega Millions jackpot on Tuesday, what audio-related purchases would you make?

  1. UGA1980
    So, since my family likes looking at the lotto, I thought I'd have some fun. The Mega Millions Jackpot is 1.6 Billion in California tomorrow, and taking the lump sum is 902 Million. Even after taxes, you'd probably have 450 million. With that amount of money, what kinds of audio purchases would Y'all spend some of it on?
  2. gimmeheadroom
    Nothing at first, I couldn't hear anything anyway over the roar of all my new Ferraris and Lambos :p
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  3. Whazzzup
    The same system i have now :))
  4. c1ferrari
    I'd commission a full-range plasma loudspeaker based on the Hill Plasmatronics technology.
  5. Deftone
    I wouldn’t know where to start to be honest I would probably buy one of something from each of the most popular brands.
  6. BobG55
    Senn Orpheus I & II.
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  7. Deftone
    Ooo good choices!
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  8. Spareribs
    Personally, I would buy a really nice high end turntable maybe something over ten thousand dollars, but overall, nothing too over the top because I would just focus more on traveling the world and seeing live music in different cities rather than home audio.
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  9. Deftone
    You would have be able to get the best money can buy portable rig also for traveling, i know i would. Well with that kind of money id have TOTL audio for every situation.
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  10. Spareribs
    Yes, A great portable rig would be nice. But something relatively simple though. Maybe 2 sets of great IEMs since they won’t take up much luggage space and perhaps 2 different great DAC/Amps in case one runs out battery charge. They should be able to fit in a small bag since I dislike too much luggage
  11. Relaxasaurus
    I'd want to move into a condo with enough insulation in the walls to afford a decent set of speakers

    Would still need headphones for night listening so I'd probably go with an Abyss Phi TC with the matching Formula S amp and go on a hunt for a TOTL DAC. There are other setups that intrigue me such as STAX with a Blue Hawaii or Orpheus but new money has to remain humble at first :beyersmile:
  12. Spareribs
    I would probably build a house and hire some of the best audio experts to build me an audio room. Maybe something similar to this in the video

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  13. blackdragon87
    focal clear
    woo audio wa 6
    lcd 4
  14. Happy Camper
    Would have both audio and video rooms designed and then build a house around it. Same with the yacht.
    Last edited: May 27, 2019
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  15. CoryGillmore
    I'd be owning quite a few new Sony products that have a Z in their name. Just to get started.

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