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IEMS with bass under $100

  1. richi143
    A friend of mine is returning from USA. I am interested in getting an IEM's from him as there are hardly any choices to get them from india.
    Please suggest me a good pair of IEM's with following requirements:

    -Bass, no less than Nuforce NE-6 or Soundmagic E10 or Brainwavz M1.It can be overpowering other things but its must for the type of music i enjoy. Out of three above i liked NE-6 the most.
    -Clear mids
    -Highs not much bothered.
    -Wider soundstage like NE-6

    I have used brainwavz M2 in past and was not at all satisfied with its lows quotient. So, please suggest keeping it in mind. My budget is 100$ which can be extended keeping the quality purchase in mind.
  2. Yasink08
    I was in you position and got the Shure SE215's. Perfect choice.
  3. richi143

    Does it have ample of bass to compete the iems i have listed above?
  4. Yasink08
    Don't believe what you read about the SE215's not having enough bass. Im a huge basshead and they are the bassiest IEM's i have used and anymore would ruin the music. Brilliant sub-bass and mid-bass. Enough to tickle your ear canal. And they get 10x better with a good equalizer. I listen to a lot of Hip Hop so having a strong bassline is what i need to enjoy the music and the Shures do that better than anything.
  5. B9Scrambler
    The Sony XB50 puts out some pretty stunning bass. Not sure how it compares to those you mentioned, but I've never felt anything rumble around like they do. Plus, they look.....interesting, lol.
    I can compare them to the JVC HA-FX1X/3X and the NarMoo R1M which are all considered basshead IEMs. Undeniably more bass than all three of those.

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