IEM's for Prog Rock/Metal
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That's the one thing I hated about the E2C's when I first got them. They had to be worn around the ear or they fit awkwardly.

I'm still leaning towards the RE2's, D-Jay's, or the Denon 751. If noone else responds, I'll be grabbing the RE2's.
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A pair of e4cs is a good option if you want something similar to the grado sound with flats, but with less bass (this is something you can correct with the new "olive" tips, but it still will have less bass). They are fast, have good mids and a forward sound.
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I have a pair of E4c for Prog metal, I've also listened to the 5 pro and the 5 EB. The EB is just waaaaaay too much bass, and even the 5 pro is too much bass for prog. IMHO Shures and ER6i have a much better sound signature for prog, that might be because I like a flatter and neutral sound.
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Well, the Denon AHC751K(same as the 700, but with a case) are $105.99 at $20 coupon), so I think I'll grab those. After reading a lot, people really like them. And they seem to be durable and well built, perfect for my needs.

I'll wait till tomorrow for more opinions though.
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I was able to get a pair of Denon AH-C700(Brand New) for $91.99 + Shipping from a reputable seller on Ebay. About $30 cheaper than I found anywhere else.

Thanks for all the suggestions.
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Unfortunately, I don't believe that any IEM in that price range will be able to really compete with the SR225 in terms of presenting guitars in rock/metal. Fortunately, the SF5 pro is a good IEM for all kinds of music, and if you can stretch your budget a little, they should be able to keep you satisfied and will definitely be a jump up in SQ from the E2C.

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