IEMs - 50 dollars
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Jun 5, 2009
Hey guys,

I am looking for IEMs for 50 dollars.

I have narrowed it down to several IEMs as I have read on here over the last few days

Nuforce NE7M, Head direct RE2 are my front runners
Denon AH-C551K, or the Altec Lansing UHP306 (I do not know much about these two except that the Altecs are rebadged version of SuperFi 3s and that the Denons have a lot of bass)

Right now I will mainly be using them to study:
a) I want some noise isolation (I'm mainly in a collegiate library so its not like a train/subway or anything noise level like that).
b) COMFORT. My ears are getting so dam sore with the apple buds.

After I am done with boards, I will use them mainly for music. That being said, I listen mainly to Rock > Rap > some techno interspersed in there.

What do you guys think I should do? I want to order soon so that I can get them in several days.

Thanks in advance, Neal.

EDIT: Between the NE7M and the RE2, what do you guys think? Should I even consider the other two options? Are the Altec Lansings worth their sale value or is it a much better idea to get the NE7M/RE2s.
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I am leaning towards the NE7M. With the stock tips, will there be adequate noise isolation? Also, the comments I have read about the NE7M having a lot of wire sound, do any of you guys have any experience with this?

Thanks all for your advice.
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I would say ne-7m, but you might want to try different tips, such as thee shure e2c-compatible silicone tips.

I returned my Lansing UHP336 because they are quite large, and they just don't fit me right. Also, I found that they had too much hiss and the microphonics were too bad compared even to my Soundmagic PL30s, nevermind the Ne-8's. I have never heard the Denons but I am not basshead, so I think I will skip them.

Edit: The noise isolation will be more than adequate for a college library, even with the stock tips. It's the comfort that people have problems with.
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Surprised here nobody has mentioned something about the comply/foam tips for noise isolation.
I can't make much comparisons about $50IEMs, as i only have used two on this price range, Sennheiser CX300 & Sony Fontopia In-ear. So...i won't make any recommendations refering to the IEMs.
But if you like isolation, you should consider to use foam tips, specially not for isolate you from the exterior...more to avoid the others hearing your music on a collegiate library.

With foam tips, isolation is MUCH bigger than with silicone tips. You really can play your music loud.

I use foam T400 tips with my CX300 and the SQ is quite good, but which is specially important is that i'm really silent in my office, not disturbing the others and being lost into my music in a complete black background. Also, they are superconfortable. The matter? they are not cheap!
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I just got a pair of JVC HA-FXC50-B IEM's for US$29.

A pleasant surprise: they sound quality is quite good, especially the surprisingly clear and tight bass. Mind you, I thought there were two downsides: 1) it's not as efficient as the other IEM's I own and 2) treble is just too strong, requiring me to change the EQ settings on my iPods.
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sorry to thread jack but does anyone know how long the warranty period is for the ne-7m?

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