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IEM like HD650, but with more bass

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  1. shrimants
    Looking to replace a pair of RHA T10i. Budget is 400-600 bucks. Looking for an extremely durable IEM that has the bass of the RHA T10i and the mids/treble of the HD650. Having a mic/pause/play button would be great too. Having a removable cable would also be fantastic. Specifically looking for stuff you can get on amazon, since thats where most of my spare cash is (in points).

    If it helps, i also really liked the original monster turbine, but those were from LONG ago. I used to have the ety HF5 but those had absolutely 0 bass and i disliked them.
  2. megabigeye
    Ooh! I'd also be interested in this! Also, maybe with a leetle bit more detail and an itsy bitsy bit more treble.
  3. shrimants
    bump, still looking
  4. EddHarbin
    JVC HA-FX850
  5. 1TrickPony
    Read up on the lz-a4. It's a big thread, though I remember reviewers like peter123 kinda referring to the hps you've mentioned.
  6. shrimants
    They just didn't look terribly well made or durable. No removable cable, not even a mic or play pause button...
  7. shrimants
    Also regarding lz a4 I'd prefer not to go for chifi. With a purchase that expensive I'd like an easy warranty process if necessary.

    I'm looking at westone trying to figure out their lineup atm
  8. 1TrickPony
    The cables are replaceable...
  9. shrimants
    I meant on the jvc. For the lz I'm just worried about chifi and warranty.
  10. 1TrickPony
    Your next best bet is to up there (closer to 1k). Skip the mid-fi stuff and not look back. thing is, audiophile iem/cable makers don't really believe/ rely much on cables that have pause/play/ rw/ff buttons. It's like asking for trouble.
    Last edited: Jul 12, 2018
  11. shrimants
    That's not out of the question, but I'm having a hard time justifying summit iems when all I'm doing is lawn mowing and listening to crappy quality audiobooks 90% of the time.

    I've gone the "cheap and good enough" route before but then on the few occasions I do want to listen to music or watch movies or anything (like while doing job stuff) I hate not having decent audio quality.
  12. smallcaps
    Sennheiser IE8, IE80, IE80s. They have tunable bass and share the house signature with the HD6xx series. I have the IE8, HD580 and PX100ii and they all sound quite similar.
  13. EddHarbin
    The cable is replaceable on the JVC HA-FX850 and up . You can get a cable with a mic . They are Very robust and have one of the warmest sounds out there .
  14. shrimants
    Yeah that's exactly why I'm not looking at them. I don't want a warm sound. I don't want accentuated mids or recessed treble. I want basically as close to neutral as possible but emphasis below 80hz and bigger emphasis below 35.

    If the jvc sounds anything like the hd598 or se215, that is absolutely not what I'm going for.
  15. EddHarbin
    Absolutely does not sound like the se215. I have those ( gave them to my son ) .
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