IE80 again or upgrade?
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Apr 30, 2012
Hey all,

After exactly 5 years, my IE80s are very worn out and the eartip twists off easily - though probably easily fixable if I just superglue it a bit as it twists back on fine and doesn't come off if I twist it counterclockwise off.

Previously it was held by some rubber on the inside so it wouldn't twist off - though not sure if may of ruined the seal causing more sound to leak out of the housing once the rubber has been ripped off.

So now I'm looking at purchasing them again after doing some research as I can't seem to find anything around the same price point of the same quality - $250 AUD delivered from Amazon Italy to Australia.

These IEM have been my daily drivers for the past 5 years and I've had absolutely zero issues with them except for the first cable stop working which I just ordered a replacement one. They sound amazing and the sound stage of them is huge and I've used them for competitive FPS games - My Yamaha EPH100 and Audio Technica ATH-IM70s don't even come close to the positional sounding that the IE80s offer.

The Shure SE535 seem to be close although doesn't seem to have as good bass or sound stage as the IE80, and there are also the Westone ones but they are a fair bit more than the $250 for the IE80s.

So any suggestions or recommendations before I purchase the IE80 again?

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You can buy new eartips online, if it's the tip that is the problem and not the nozzle. Look up JVC spiraldots or spinfits.

Sorry mate, I meant the nozzle.

I ended up just supergluing them so they don't twist off easily, although the rubber/glue substance that was inside previously that prevents it from twisting off is gone now.

Not sure if this has degraded the audio quality or seal etc.

Ended up just buying another pair of IE80s, thanks anyways!

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