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IC: Headphone in Minnesota

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  1. tf1216
    I purchased WireWorld products from here.  It was a very pleasant experience.  The operator/owner is a super nice guy.
  2. Trashcan Ghost
    If it's nearby the Twin Cities, I'm in as well.  I've never done this before, but I'm looking forward to it
  3. DarthMarth
    I would be interested now that I have some half-decent gear to show. I don't have a car, so my attendance would be dependent on being able to put my stuff in a suitcase and get there via public transportation.
  4. timtoo
    my post code is 55454 anyone close to my apt?
  5. malmc02
    Never been to one, but would be interested to check it out, although I don't yet have a decent setup to share. Heh, working on that. Live in S St. Paul.
  6. HKUSP
    I still haven't ever been to a meet before, and would be interested in trying it out at least once. I just ordered the Audeze LCD-3, which should arrive tomorrow, to go with my current HiFiMan HE-500. While my interest was to listen to an Audeze headphone, and that no longer will be the case, I still don't have that much for amps, so would love to try whatever anyone else can bring along.
  7. timtoo
    i have a lcd 2.2 with schiit lyr amp.i would like to listen lcd3 with my amp. where are you located? i live around uofm
  8. HKUSP
    I'm in the Rochester area. Ever come down this way? I usually make it up to the Cities about once a month, but only available in the evenings. I wouldn't mind trying out the Lyr with the HE-500 or the LCD-3. What tubes do you have?
    This would also be a good opportunity to compare the HE-500 vs. LCD-2.2 and the LCD-2.2 vs. LCD-3. 
    Anyone else interested that can add to this?
  9. timtoo
    tubes list:
    70s amperex orange globe,
    vintage siemens 3mica
    stock tube
    matsu****as e88cc
    Russian 623np
    but I will out of town soon and I will back in September so if we can not meet in next two week, we will need to meet in September
  10. kvtaco17
    We should organize a small meet, I'm super excited to hang out and talk head FI!
  11. Speakerphile
    I'm game.  Unfortunately, I am too busy these days to help much with organizing it.  I do have some equipment to bring though.  Just let me know where and when!
  12. kvtaco17
    I could try to organize it lol anyone a grado fan?
  13. Speakerphile
    I am, but admittedly have only listened to the SR60i & SR80i!
  14. kvtaco17
    Lol me too! I have a PS500, MagV5 (its leaving soon...) and a SR225i that has been super modded!
  15. snapple10
    Was interested in coming to meet others
    I am 4 hours away but I might actually make it if it is not my weekend to work
    Getting rid of stuff so not sure what I will have to bring
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