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iBasso DX160 - The listening experience only gets better and better. Check for latest Online Update. Unboxing 1st Page.

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Paul - iBasso, Aug 3, 2019.
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  1. icefalkon
    install your WiFi in settings. Then go to About and Update. Online update and see what happens.
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  2. icefalkon
  3. PinkyPowers
    I spent much of the workday listening to the ZMF Atticus driven from the DX160 in balanced.

    Sweet Jesus, what a clear, dynamic sound! The 300Ω Atticus felt thoroughly taken care of, power-wise. I figured it would, considering the spects, but it's good to know the reality lives up to expectation.
  4. herdom
    Are you saying that, with all the arsenal of DAPs that you have in your firm, are you enjoying Dx160 more than any other? :astonished:
  5. frapp2latte
    Can anyone chime in on how the dx160 fares next to the Cayin N6ii? Although I know the N6ii is a lot more expensive.
    Last edited: Oct 25, 2019
  6. florence
    No aptx hd support for wireless iems and headphones? I think I'll prefer R5 to this.
  7. karmazynowy
    DX160 supports aptX HD and LDAC
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  8. dharmasteve
    I haven't come across any APTX-HD earphones or headphones yet. Are their any moderately priced ones? There are a few LDAC ones around. There are definitely a glut of APTX-HD receivers around (mine is the BluDento HD) if anyone wants to use their HiFi with an APTX-HD transmitter DAP such as the FiiO M6 and M9. I do see a problem in that there are very few LDAC receivers around if the iBasso DX160 is used as a transmitter to a HiFi system. Personally I use the FiiO BR3 which is a great little LDAC receiver but more useful for IEMs/Buds than attaching to a stereo system. I think their is a gap in the market for a more solid, functional bluetooth LDAC receiver that can pass on the benefits of quality LDAC to HiFi systems. I am surprised their are so many larger, solid APTX-HD receivers around yet a dearth of LDAC ones.
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  9. seanwee
    Comparing the DX160 and N5ii side by side.


    So far my impressions are that the DX160 has a bigger soundstage and better dynamics.
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  10. gLer
    Can anyone compare the DX160 with the R6 Pro (SQ)? @Luke Thomas looking forward to your side-by-side with the M11.
  11. Luke Thomas
    Thanks. Are you saying that one can update firmware via WiFi. Without going to Ibasso s web page ?
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  12. mwhals
    Yes, that is true as seen earlier in this thread.
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  13. Kal El
    I confirm that Amazon Music doesn't work on my Fiio M9. I hope it will work on the DX160 because I recently unsubscribed from Spotify and Tidal.
  14. Whitigir
    Better display too!
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  15. PinkyPowers
    I don't believe I said anything along those lines.
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