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iBasso D7 DAC sampling rates

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by kantana, Apr 22, 2012.
  1. kantana
    Hi Guys, does anyone know if the iBasso D7 can accept native 24/176 sampling rates at all through the USB input?
    I see this on the iBasso website but it doesn't list the intermediate sampling rates supported:
    - True 24Bit/192K USB-DAC, supports bit for bit decoding.
    - Asynchronous USB transfer
    - WM8740 DAC chip
    - Up to 24Bit/192K coaxial output

    I will be using Windows 7 64bit and Foobar playing mainly FLACS so would be using:
    16/44, 16/48, 24/88, 24/96, 24/176 and 24/192.
    Ideally I would like to be able to force these sampling rates from the OS.
  2. nullstring
    You should contact the manufacture and ask them.
    However, my opinion is that this question is slightly irrelevant.
    iBasso D7 isn't a reference DAC. You're not likely to hear any difference between native 24/176 and that which is up-sampled to 24/192 by software.
  3. kantana
    I'm just going by what others have posted on this forum that they got no sound at all feeding 24/176 into the DAC which worries me!  Down or upsampling I don't mind but no audio at all would be a deal breaker.  Anyone else tried?
  4. skamp
    You can do sample rate conversion in software, on the fly.
  5. kantana
    So is that set from Foobar or the sound icon in control panel?

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