I need help deciding between headphones!
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Feb 1, 2008
Hey guys, I really need some opinion on this. I want to get a new pair of headphones that will primarily be used for music, but also for the occasional gaming and movie session on my PC too. Currently I have an X-Fi XtremeGamer sound card outputting to my Klipsch ProMedia Ultra 5.1 speakers, which has a module that my Sennheiser HD 555s are connected. While I love my 555s, I want something that's closed because they leak quite a bit and my parents like to complain while in the next room, and because I want to take something on the road during long bus rides. I'm going to be using it with my iPhone, which I am currently using my Sennheiser CX300s earbuds with. I like those too but I think I'd rather have a nice pair of headphones instead right now.

Anyways I was looking to choose between the AudioTechnica ATH-A700s and the Beyerdynamic DT770. With the price being only about $20 or so, that's not really an issue for me, so which do you guys think would be a better fit for me? I listen to a wide variety of music from Rock to Classical, so nice mids and bass would probably be my main concern. Would either of these be a good fit for that?
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i believe if ur HD555s are leaking enough sound for your parents in the next room to complain, you are listening way too loud and quickly killing your hearing leading to earlier than necessary hearing loss which will start at the higher frequencies. i listen at a volume such that my roommate who is 4-5 feet away from me doesn't complain about leakage from my open headphones, though he probably hears sound coming out. but what do i kno, haven't gotten into med school yet and chances look slim =/ i suggest turning the volume down and ur ears will adjust to the lower volume and u'll still be able to hear the same amount of detail
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i found the dt770s to be boomy, and recessed in the mids. Also, they sounded better at higher volumes, but they are not terrible, it's all relative.
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Nah I'm not really listening it loud enough to get hearing damage, though I do like a higher volume. But anyways, so which would you guys recommend then based on what I listen to, the Beyer or the Audio Technica?
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How do you know youre not damaging your hearing? If you parents can hear the headphones and it bothers them in another room, its too loud. Its not like theyre grados, and even then it would be too loud.
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Because I can hear as well as I did before I ever started using these headphones? I'm barely playing over 50% volume. They're just easily annoyed. :p
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50% volume from an audio receiver's headphone output is very loud. While exactly how loud that is varies, you do not want to be listening at that volume from any receiver.
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100% of the volume from pretty much any audio source is almost guaranteed to very quickly cause permanent damage to both your headphones and your ears. 50% of your maximum output volume is still excessively high... not such a good idea.
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just because you think you can still hear as well as before does not mean ur not damaging ur ears. long term exposure to such high decibels causes progressive hearing loss on the long term. and how is anyone suppose to tell that when they're not hearing certain frequencies since u usually lose the highest frequencies first. you're young now so you won't notice much change in your hearing over a year or two, but when you get old you may lose your hearing earlier than you should. just trying to looking out for your hearing so you can keep listening to music into old age =p
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wow I thought this was a thread about headphones not his hearing?? lol

I don't think you would want to take the Audio-technica on the bus. Period, they are HUGE unless you want everyone staring!
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look at the ad on top, there's the audio technica pair which should be the same size, and the camouflages pair which should be similar to the dt770.
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How's the size of the 770's then? I don't mind a bit bigger size since they'll be used both for portable use and home use. Are the big to the point where people will stop and stare? :O
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Originally Posted by Meh /img/forum/go_quote.gif
How's the size of the 770's then? I don't mind a bit bigger size since they'll be used both for portable use and home use. Are the big to the point where people will stop and stare? :O

The DT770 are a full-sized pair of circumaural cans. Size-wise, they're in the same league as your HD555. If you're comfortable with wearing the HD555's in public, then you're good to go.

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Originally Posted by aZn_plyR /img/forum/go_quote.gif
wow I thought this was a thread about headphones not his hearing?? lol

I think the community as a whole tends to worry about hearing and volume levels. We're just concerned for the OP so that he/she will be able to enjoy their headphones for years to come.


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