I Need Help!!! Coby CV215 v Panasonic RPDJS400A v Sony MDRZX100 v Sony MDRZX300
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Mar 27, 2013

Hey everyone! I'm looking to buy my first pair of non in ear headphones, and as I do not know much about the audio quality of any of them am coming here for your help with this. I have found four pairs on Amazon that I like, all listed below.

Basically, I have the style / look chosen. As you can see all four pairs are extremely similar and most importantly the earmuffs, or whatever you call them, are all BLUE. I am saying this because I am more than open to suggestions of other sets but please only suggest ones with that look and blue. Also, I've set my maximum price at $35 with shipping, however, I'd prefer to spend closer to $25.


Coby CV215BLU Deep Bass Stereo Headphones and Earphones (Blue): $10.99
Panasonic RPDJS400A DJ Street Model Headphones (Blue): $23.58

Sony MDRZX300 Blue Outdoor headband headphones: $29.99


Sony MDR-ZX100/BLU ZX-Series Monitor Headphones, Blue: $19.99

Oh, one last thing I just thought about I should say, I don't want any eccentric style (think Skullcandy or Monster). Because I saw some other posts where the poster was just looking for style, and I don't want recommendations based solely on style. I am looking for the best audio quality I can get I just have to have the color blue in them.
EDIT: Also, forgot to mention this is solely for use with my cell phone
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I love Sony Headphones..........my kid has the zx100's and they sound really good to me.  I have the MDR-V55's and love em.  I would go with the zx300's personally.

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